Tuesday, September 27, 2022

The Meat Replacement Hypothesis

Farmers across the world are in open revolt against their governments. In India, thousands of farmers have stormed New Delhi, alleging collusion between the Prime Minister and major agricultural corporations. In the Netherlands, new restrictions on nitrogen emissions from fertilizer that threaten to destroy farmers’ livelihoods have driven battalions of tractors into the streets—and conflicts with the police. In Sri Lanka, the President’s sudden decision to ban chemical fertilizers and impose universal organic farming recently led to massive protests and the collapse of their government. Similar environmentalist policies are about to be imposed in Ireland and Canada, where just last year truckers shut down the city of Ottawa over COVID vaccination mandates.


  1. Yes, I am still on Facebook.
    You wont believe it, but since about a week every second news / article that is recommended to me is "Go Vegan! Meat is bad" etc.
    And if you read the comments below those articles about 98% are: "Yes, going vegan is good, meat is bad." or "You are pro meat? dont you know how the animals suffer? You should care about animals!".
    And in one instance they showed a butcher, but instead of meat of animals he had parts of humans (hands, feet, etc) to sell and the text was "Meat is meat, right?". I should have made a copy of said meme.
    Alex Lund

  2. What would help more that anything is if we reinstituted Country of Origin Labeling (COOL). If consumers knew their beef came from Uruguay they would be more inclined to support the American cattleman, who right now is under attack from 20 different directions.

  3. Canada completed a huge cricket protein factory and Bill Gates is letting 270k acres of farm land go fallow and something like 200 food processor plants have burned........yep, looks like a shove towards meat alternatives. As long as deer run across my back yard and wild hogs tear up the creek bank, I will eat real meat.

  4. Where is Willy Nelson when the farmers really need him. Oh that right Will


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