Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Well, that's mighty white of them

TAMPA, Fla. - Florida is suspending tolls in several areas along the Gulf coast until further notice as local officials begin issuing evacuation orders ahead of Hurricane Ian.


  1. wouldn't it be more "white" to have only the white folk pay & everybody else goes free??

  2. Yep, we're under a state of emergency. The most recent update has it doing tropical storm force winds across the majority of the Florida peninsula, and affecting a lot of people. My wife works for an electric company, she's expecting to go on 12 hour shifts just any time. She's in the IT department and her role is supporting mobile devices, so she may end up having to go out in the field with the line techs who are too busy to come in to the office to get stuff repaired or replaced. I work for myself, so I'm just going to hold down the fort until it's over. Smoking some meat today in order to have it when the power goes out. When, not if. Major power disruptions are expected across the state. When Irma crossed over in 2017, some people were without power for weeks. I'm paranoid-ish, so I've been prepping for a hurricane pretty much since moving into this house five years ago.

  3. Yes, we have toll roads. But we don't have income taxes. So we are far better off than most other places.

    This mostly affects the Florida Turnpike and certain roads in and around (wh)Orlando, so, really, no biggie.

  4. I was told that all tolls are suspended when there is an emergency declaration for the state. At least that is what I experienced on 9/11 when I had to rent a car to get home from Orlando.


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