Friday, October 07, 2022

Commentary: The Left’s Corporate ‘ESG’ Movement Is Coming After All Americans, But We Can Stop It

Americans were just issued a dire warning after “Dilbert,” a comic beloved by many over the years, was dropped from 77 publications after over three decades. 

Created by cartoonist Scott Adams, “Dilbert” uses satire to poke fun at traditional office life on a number of issues, which recently included “ESG.” As this particular comic strip explained, the ESG movement seeks to use a new set of criteria — environmental, social, and governance — to evaluate businesses and consumers based on how well they align with the progressives’ woke priorities, including climate radicalism, gender ideology, gun control and even abortion-on-demand.


  1. Love his podcast. It can be found on YouTube and at his website.

  2. So, some un-governmental group is going to dictate/cry/whine about a supposed slight to their aura?!?!?! When are we going to say enough is enough?

  3. "But we can stop it." They didn't mention exactly how they would do this, they mentioned that some states are taking some steps to protect the state pension systems there, but nothing else.


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