Thursday, October 06, 2022

Gov. Newsom demands California regulator take action to lower gas prices

SACRAMENTO, Calif. — Gov. Gavin Newsom is calling for California regulators to speed up the transition to cheaper winter-blend gasoline as prices at the pump keep rising.


Now here you have the governor of a State that has the highest gas tax at 68 cents per gallon demanding that somebody else do something to lower gas prices.....


  1. The asshole has a good chance to be Biden's replacement and this is one of his campaign chart's bullet points.

  2. FJB and Newsom too.

  3. Gas Tax! What's that? My phenomenally awesome Governor Kemp stopped that and has recently renewed the stoppage until after the election.

  4. KCRA: "That’s up $1 since the beginning of the month." Talk about SPIN! The TRUTH is "that's up $1 in the last SIX DAYS!!!" You know; the "beginning of the month!" In my podunk Western town it went up $1.20 in that span of time!!!

    Newsom: "Gas prices in the state are approaching record highs. If this situation continues, it may cause unacceptable price impacts for consumers and small businesses, significant economic disruption and serious harm to public safety and welfare." Funny; gas prices reached this point a few months back here in the once-great state of California. Newsom had the opportunity to postpone the YEARLY gas tax increase in July. The loons in the State House even said he should! He had no problem saying no to that...

    'Trouble with the Left is that they think that EVERYONE has the memory of a goldfish... not just its voting base...

  5. You're a piss poor socialist if you don't have at least a handful of even fellow travelers that you can't plausibly blame at a moments notice.


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