Friday, October 07, 2022

See? We told you that was going to happen

More children and young people are being hospitalized with colds and respiratory problems than ever after the Covid pandemic, official data suggests. 

Experts have repeatedly warned lockdowns and measures used to contain Covid like face masks also suppressed the spread of germs which are crucial for building a strong immune system in children.


  1. Big deal. Ya got a cold. walk it off.

    1. masks on kids is the same as you walking around with crutches for as long as they had to wear them in school.take the crutches away, now you walk it off you fucking dumb ass.

  2. These kids have no or an underdeveloped immune system. A common cold, infections etc. will be different for them. Adults are next on the list. Yes they had strong immune systems but what ya don't use ya lose. All the covid shit, number one the freakin shots, masks, social distancing, isolation etc has to have weakened their immune systems. Time will tell but I think across the board all ages are gonna be mighty sick this winter. I have done none of that shit, zero intervenitons. Yes, I wore a mask where required and then the son of a bitch came off. I had to have been exposed but I like to think my 73 year old bod fought it off. Maybe it'll kill me yet but so far so good and I'll be damned if I'll let the goverment kill me with their lies. My wife feels the same, she is 70 and still kickin.

  3. Colds and flu were always there... they just got a different name attatched to them that allowed politicians all new levels od control and untold millions in kick-backs!


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