Friday, October 07, 2022

That'll teach her

Chalk this up to just one more reason the Federal Bureau of Investigation should be abolished, along with the whole of Washington DC. The FBI, once again, has been found guilty of protecting criminals and the justice system guilty of failing to provide justice. A judge has found that the FBI protected a mother who sold up to 8,000 children for $200 million over 4 decades. Her sentence? She got 3 months in a minimum security prison.


  1. The three women should have received life sentences. And the FBI is as guilty as they are. Abolish the FBI!

  2. she sold kids ? how about burning the heartless bitch alive instead ?

  3. Reading between the lines, it looks like she ran a for-profit international adoption agency. She took children from impoverished areas, war zones, 3rd world conditions, etc. and placed them with wealthy 1st world parents (for a considerable payment, of course). What's most at issue is all the little bribes, minor fraud, and other legally dubious activities used to source the children from those troubled areas. Anyone dealing with those 3rd world shitholes knows you gotta grease the right palms to get things done. And paperwork? Yeah, right. In any event, she was fine and upstanding for 4 decades. Look like someone didn't get the right pay-off and raised a stink. I blame it on Madonna and Angelina and other assorted celebrity trash making it popular to go adopt little foreign kids.

  4. And then one day, for no reason at all…


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