Friday, October 07, 2022

What a tragedy

HOUSTON - A 2-year-old was killed in a hit-and-run incident, according to Houston police. 

The parents were with the child at the time. They were going to the ice cream truck.


The asshole must've had his music blasting and couldn't hear the ice cream truck music. Anytime I hear that shit, I immediately go on high alert, slowing down and hugging the center line.
Either that or he just didn't give a flying fuck.


  1. My money's on a mexican. Truck, drunk, yep. -sammy

  2. like coming to a stop when you see a ball roll out into the street. dad taught me that first day of driving with dad. you see a ball, stop. because a kid is coming right behind it and not looking at anything but the damn ball. I do the same with cats, or any critter running out in the street. nine times out of ten, there a dog behind it. lost one dog to that when I was a kid. the guy was crying with me and took us to the vet, but it was of no use. Sammy was gone. I never hit anything yet and I pray to god I never do.

    1. Yup, and when I see kids playing with a ball in a yard as I'm approaching, my foot comes off the accelerator and hovers over the brake because I know in my heart that ball's going to bounce into the street.

    2. yes, a couple of minutes lost is better than hitting a kid or some kid's pet dog or cat.
      and if you ever late because of it, tell them. you always get a pass on being late.

    3. Back in the late 60s early 70s, my dad was driving through Syracuse. Anyways a ball came bouncing out in the street so he stomped on the brake pedal and came to a dead stop. Then he heard a thud. A little black girl ran headfirst into the side of his car. Her mother came out yelling at her and started paddling her ass for going out into the street. He felt bad for her getting insult to injury. But relieved he didn't hit her or have her mother turn her fury towards him.

  3. Very sad indeed. I agree, I see an ice cream truck I go on high alert. I sure like seeing all the kids flocking to the truck. Brings back nice memories.

  4. Perp's name is Rene Alfredo Alvarado Lopez. Let's go Brandon: diversity is our strength.

  5. We just had something similar here in Chicago

  6. Being a hit and run I would say he didn't give a fuck

  7. A 2 year old? But neither parent was hit? Hands are for holding, especially in streets and parking lots.
    Not excusing the asshole driving at all but parenting means protecting. Why was a 2 yr old in the street by himself? The parents shoulder some of the blame. They failed and a baby died.

  8. giving the guy twenty years helps nobody. he should spend twenty years paying the parents for their loss. that would serve some purpose. if he won't, hang him.

  9. So far I haven't seen anyone else mention stupid fuckers driving like idiots in apartment complexes. I've come close to getting in fights with people I've yelled at for doing it. For some reason the dickheads resent being told, "SLOW THE FUCK DOWN, ASSHOLE! THERE ARE CHILDREN OUT HERE!"

    Go figure.


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