Wednesday, November 30, 2022

The Ukraine is committing “suicide by cop”

Yesterday I received an email from a Ukrainian friend of mine. By “Ukrainian” I mean that his culture and self-identity is Ukrainian, he loves his heritage, speaks the language and loves his country. In fact, he is what I would call a “real Ukrainian” as opposed to the Ukronazis in power in Kiev. We correspond regularly and exchange opinions on what is taking place. Here is and excerpt of what I wrote to him yesterday:


  1. A fucking frootloop. Russia "tried hard to avoid a war". What horseshit. It's like Germany exclaiming in December 1939, "Look what you made me do!"

    1. Stay uninformed, it's OK to be stupid.....

    2. russia didn't try to avoid war. they wanted this. they believe they are the chosen people of the earth, and ukranians WANT to be russian, they just need to be "allowed" to be russian.

      Rusky Mir have you heard of it?

      maybe if we just issue every orc a toilet, they'll go back to mordor and stop using cruise missiles against apartment buildings?

    3. I'm almost certainly far better informed than you are, but there's mo point to discussing anything with someone who thinks it's okay to be stupid. You be you, Dave.

    4. NATO pushing ever closer to the Russian border then blaming Russia for reacting. That is like antifa pushing, threatening, and swinging sign handles, then crying foul when they get knocked out.

      How many times do you have to remind NATO they are violating decades old agreements to not close in on the Russian border before it qualifies as "tried hard" in your humble opinion?

    5. America talking to Russia, "How DARE you place your country so close to our military bases, what, are you TRYING to start a war or something?"
      keep drinking that Bolshevik kool aid buddy..

    6. NATO never agreed to not move closer to russia. the agreement you're referencing specifically had to do with not putting new bases in what was east germany, and we have held that agreement. ukraine was never mentioned or even referenced in that agreement.

      russia does not now, nor has it ever, had veto power over the foreign policy of ukraine from day 1 of it's independence. ukraine can ally it;self with whomever it wants, or no one, and russia has no say in the matter.

      perhaps if russia was a better ally than bully, many of it's former satellites wouldn't be so eager to join the other team?

  2. I like Russians and Ukrainians and have a smattering of both in my extended family. This war was completely unnecessary and avoidable.

  3. That is certainly a different view than mine of how the Russians have acted.

  4. Ukraine isn't committing suicide by cop. They are being used like a 3-dollar hooker as meat for the grinder between the US and Russian proxy war.

    What is amazing is how many Polish sheep dipped Mercenaries are serving along with various western "Advisers".

    Where did I hear "Western Advisers" before? Vietnam with Special Forces and Indigenous Peoples as manpower? Afghanistan before we put "Real" boots on the ground? Others?

    I think Putin needs only to survive until our own out of control money printing forces the world to eliminate the rubber checks of the Petrodollar.

    Then our ability to bribe the world leadership will end. Poof goes NATO and others.

    Sadly, We the People will suffer the worst of it. I suggest folks look up a book called "The Death of Money" to see what happened to Germans during the Weimar Hyperinflation.

    1. You've listened to too much Russian propaganda. The foreigners serving in the forces of Ukraine are in its foreign legion, and they are a part of the Ukrainian forces structure. There is no sheep dipping.

      Russia started the war for no reason. Any reasonable person, who takes the trouble to be informed on what is going on there, realizes this. All Putin is doing is destroying his country, and there is now an incipient power struggle between Prigozhen the head of Wagner, and Kadyrov of Chechnya. Russia's economy is tanking, and dark days are on the horizon for Russia.

    2. wow dude, you really are a nato shill, so the victoria nudelman sorry, Newland, the Bolsheviks change their names to hide among us, coup in 2014 was Russia's fault then? The EIGHT YEARS of the donbass shelling by Ukraine, that's Russia's fault too huh? The breaking of Minsk 1 and Minsk 2 agreements by Ukraine, also Russia right?
      and let me guess, you are firmly in the "Russia blew up Nordstreams" as a false flag, camp too, huh.
      When Russia kicked the Bolsheviks out in 1917, (after they murdered the Romanovs and 25,000,000 Russians, (using propaganda such as "trust the plan", and "let others fight so you don't have to", (sound familiar? "Q"),). The Stalinist forces kicked them out where they set up shop in Germany, you may have heard of them, the Weimar republic? They filled German schools with the kind of filth they have flooded American schools with now, what, you thought the national socialists burned BIBLES? or Korans? When they fled Germany, they slimed into America, why do you think they have perpetuated their continued hatred for Russia, in their "new country", America, where do YOU think the "Reds under the bed" propaganda machine started? and even today, the Bolsheviks own the media.
      Marx, Engels and all their small hat wearing buddies were all of the same tribe, and it WASN'T communists, the Bolsheviks changed their names btw, now they call themselves ZIONISTS. and their political arm is AIPAC, but please, keep educating me how its all "Russia, Russia, Russia"
      p.s. let me guess, you also believe Russia, using captured, because the Ukraines would never have SOLD a complete unit to Russia, HIMAR's to attack the Zaporizhzia Nuclear power plant?
      Why AMERICAN boots will be on the ground, in country, in the immediate future? y'all sending some patriots to Ukraine, and the Ukies can't be trusted to NOT SELL IT TO RUSSIA, so U.S. "advisers" will be in control of them.. what happens when Russia takes out a Patriot battery on Ukraine soil in a place they are legally not meant to be, you know, like America stealing Syrian oil

    3. "Russia started the war for no reason"
      You, sir are a fuckin idiot.
      We and the rest of NATO, have broken every treaty we've signed with Russia since the 1950's. Every Single One. We crossed the line, big time.
      What would you say we do should China, for instance, make a pan-Pacific treaty with half of South America and install nuclear weapons in Chiapas?
      Don't be ignorant. And please realize that the USA, Western Europe, Canada, Australia and New Zealand together add up to less than 10% of the world's population. If we don't settle down and start respecting other countries, they will simply deal us out of the world economic equation and we'll be history.
      They don't need us anymore.

  5. All wars are banker induced, and until that is acknowledged universally, they will continue.

    Chutes Magoo

  6. You say that like it's a problem.....

  7. "ukronazis"?

    Rusky Mir is a hell of a drug!

    russians, like the american left, calls anyone that disagrees with them "nazis". even when it makes no sense. they called the israeli foreign minister a "nazi" because he dared to ask "why are you attacking a country that wasn't attacking you?"

    1. You have to have seen Saker for awhile to understand he's just a Putin bot. he shills for the Putinazi, but won't live there for some reason. he said, years ago, that Russia isn't safe for him. One must wonder why as much as he licks Putin's boots.

      There are no Nazis in power in Ukraine. That's simply Saker's schtick. Even Azov was denuded of Nazis when it was incorporated in the forces of Ukraine. The facts, however, are not convenient to Saker's warped narrative, which is as bad as anything produced by the loony left anywhere one goes. Ukraine never had many Nazis. Moscow, however, is overrun with skin heads and other Nazi types of various stripes. The head of Wagner PMC, as just one example, is a Nazi.

    2. oh, okay, no Nazis in Ukraine huh? then why does almost *every single picture* that manages to get snuck out, feature some clown wearing swastika tattoos or doing the Nazi salute?

    3. You're a liar and a fool, Anon @ 4:33

    4. do google reverse image searches on those pictures. come back to me when you have. some are from italy, moscow, germany, hell he even had a pic from mongolia. the Azov Battalion you probably see are using viking symbols, not nazis. ukraine was settled by vikings. because some idiot in berlin in 1939 thought the symbols were cool is not their problem.

      even if there ARE nazis in ukraine...why is that russia's business? perhaps they should start at home, they have a neonazi problem in their own country. Alexsander Dugin, the guy they call "putin's brain" is a member of a group called Yuzhinsky circle which is a neo-nazi group in russia.

  8. Obama basically gave the Crimea to Russia. Who would have guessed they would be back for another bite.

    1. ^^This^^
      The whole shit show started in 2014. They just waited until another feckless cunt got in the WH to act again.

  9. Russia agreed to and signed international agreements as to the sovereignty of the Ukrainian nation. Ukraine agreed to give up all of their nukes to Russia in exchange for this sovereignty. I believe there were THREE international treaties that Russia signed (please correct me if I am mistaken).
    Putin is Soviet KGB and dreams of rebuilding the old Soviet empire. He, and other Soviet imperialists, cannot get it through their collective heads that Eastern Europe wants nothing to do with them! But Putin and his crowd have decided to force the issue and militarily annex what is not theirs, no matter how many people are killed or displaced.
    So I ask you: just who are the fascists? Looks like the Russians if you have a lick of sense.

    1. The treaties signed stipulated that Ukraine would NOT JOIN NATO. So, who exactly broke the agreements?
      Oh, and they're not communists anymore. Shit, our own government's more corrupt.

    2. Did Ukraine join NATO. No, it fucking did not. As anyone of more than low-grade moron intelligence know. Ukraine hadn't even applied. Ukraine was not going to be let in. Why did Ukraine want in? Because of 2014 invasion and continued Russian open military support (with denials as strong as wet toilet paper) of rebels in Donbas, who were just as active shelling Ukrainian positions as Ukrainians were in shelling rebels. Because Ukraine wanted iron-clad guarantees that Russia wouldn't invade it, which Russia did. Twice. Plus 8 years support of a guerilla war.

      Why did Finland and Sweden suddenly start clamoring to be let into NATO? Gee, with Russia as a neighbor, you'd be a damned fool not to want to be part of NATO.

      You Putin-bots are the dumbest motherfuckers I've run into on the internet. And that's saying a lot. How about you mention the treaties Russia has broken? Oh, your Russian talking points didn't mention those? How strange. How very fucking strange. Not.

    3. They weren't even treaties, numbnuts. They certainly weren't ratified by the Senate, but they weren't even submitted because they weren't fucking treaties.

    4. those treaties said no such thing. the treaty you're referencing says we won't put bases any further what was EAST GERMANY. and we haven't.

      nowhere in that treaty did it talk about ukraine. at all.

      To understand Russia’s claims of betrayal, it is necessary to review the reassurances then US secretary of state James A. Baker made to former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev during a meeting on February 9, 1990. In a discussion on the status of a reunited Germany, the two men agreed that NATO would not extend past the territory of East Germany, a promise repeated by NATO’s secretary general in a speech on May 17 that same year in Brussels.

      Russia and the West finally struck an agreement in September that would allow NATO to station its troops beyond the Iron Curtain. However, the deal only concerned a reunified Germany, with further eastward expansion being inconceivable at the time.

    5. This back and forth is the reason I refuse to pick sides - there's so much propaganda, bullshit and he said/she said coming out of BOTH sides that a man can't figure out who to believe.

    6. @wirecutter December 1, 2022 at 5:22 AM

      "This back and forth is the reason I refuse to pick sides - there's so much propaganda, bullshit and he said/she said coming out of BOTH sides that a man can't figure out who to believe."

      Ah, the wonders of algebra. You don't need to know what "x" is, if you know "y" is bigger than "x", then you know that adding the same (let's call it "c") to both, still leaves the sum of "x+c" bigger than the sum of "y+c".


      People that scream "NAZIs!", and expect you to muddy your underpants... Because, uh... The NAZIs were defeated by The United States/Soviet (*not* "Russian") Union (and their comfort girl, The United Kingdom), all Bolshevik, alliance... almost a century ago. And the NAZIs were On The Wrong Side Of History(TM). You know it's True(TM). So, you've got to trust them... that... Russia! Bad!

      The United States Federal Reserve never signed (then got United Nations approval for, then had The Senate ratify), A Treaty(TM). So lying to, luring into a death trap, and looting the corpses of "allies" is... just business.

      The United States overthrew the elected government of Ukraine. Installed a foreign puppet government. (Wonder where The United States government got that idea?) The United States' puppet government in Ukraine tried pulling a cold war Turkey (not Cuba -- Turkey). At Russia. Again. (Wonder where The United States government got that idea?) That worked out, peachy. Again.


      Don't know who's lying? Again? That's your (anybody's) story? We'll go with that. Do you know who's been looting *"your"* country? (Not only the United States.) Do you know who's been raping the lands and peoples of *everybody*? (Save a special "few".) What side do they tell you to die for? *After* throwing them "your" wallet? Again?

      Mafs ain't hard.

    7. Fuck, that's a long winded comment that changed exactly nothing in my thinking, but as long as you feel superior, right?
      And the screen name is WIrecutter, you don't have to use that gay fucking @ bullshit.
      Now run along little man and go try to impress somebody else.

  10. Soon as I saw it was Saker, I knew for sure it was bullshit propaganda, as I had suspected. No need to read beyond the label.

  11. Doing OK until "the Anglo Zionist empire."
    "I will bless those who bless you, And I will curse him who curses you." Genesis 12:3.

  12. All I know is Ukraine is a massive money laundering operation for our CONgress. Has been for quite some time.

    Zelenski told joe* give me $50 billion or I expose everyone - well son of a bitch, he got his $50 billion (and more!)

    I know this - our tax dollars should be used for defending our borders, not Ukraines...


  13. Never mind that NATO had no intentions of admitting Ukraine or Finland, NATO is _only_ a defensive alliance. NATO has never invaded any country. So who fears a purely defensive alliance? A SERIAL AGGRESSOR. Like Russia.

    Russia has been forcibly annexing territory since the 1500's, when Ivan the Terrible began the conquest of Siberia. Peter the Great began expanding also to the northwest and west
    and west, moved his capital to Saint Petersburg (formerly Swedish/Finnish), and renamed his kingdom an empire. By WWI, Siberia had become ethnically Russian, but the Russian Empire held over a dozen other nations captive, including Ukraine, Finland, Latvia, Estonia, Lithuania, and part of Poland. The Bolsheviks lost territory when they betrayed their country in the middle of WWI, but Stalin regained most of it except parts of Finland - until partitioning Poland again positioned Hitler to invade and inflict the worst Russian military losses since the Mongol invasions. Stalin recovered with a little help from the western allies - and pushed much further to the west than ever before.

    So, except for the approximately 25 years it took to recover from the Bolshevik and Stalinist military disasters, Russia held vast foreign lands by military force from around 1700 (or 1550 if you count Siberia) until 1989. Putin misses that. His nearest neighbors _need_ an effective defensive alliance. Unless Russia goes through a forced massive cultural change similar to how the Japanese changed after B-29's destroyed most of their cities with conventional explosives, incendiaries, and finally two nukes - and no one is thinking about anything like that - Russia's neighbors will still need that defensive alliance a century from now.

    1. Yes. The Soviet Union was the ONLY country in WWII to have come out with more territory than it went in with. And Putin wants to recreate it. Both sides in the current war are deeply corrupt, but I see no reason why anyone outside of Russia should want to see Putin's aggression rewarded. Does anyone doubt that had the war gone as intended, Putin would've annexed all of Ukraine?


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