Monday, November 28, 2022

WHAT??? It's still Monday? gifdump












  1. If number 7 is a chest-building exercise, she’s gonna be there a while longer.

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    1. Watch the guy in the background as he walks through the door.

    2. As someone who has had his head pounded by the handle of the head gate on a Powder River squeeze chute I can relate. It makes a guy want to wear his hat backwards so you can see it coming.
      And when I see a friend do the same thing I always act concerned, even though I secretly chuckle that I'm not the only one it's happened to.
      I admit. I'm a rotten guy.

    3. That's one reason I swing wide coming around corners. The other is so I avoid a person coming the other way, whether they are inattentive or they lie in wait for the unsuspecting.

    4. Always-Always open the door all the way.

  3. #6 is interesting. When I was putting a trailer in on some property I bought, I needed a well pit. I got a steel form that was very similar to that tube, it was used to ram a lining inside of a ladle. It had a square bar that could be removed to collapse the form, allowing it to be taken out of the ladle.
    I just rolled it to where I wanted my well, and started digging next to it. Slowly, it started to tip, then as it got more upright, I jumped inside, and continued to dig, and the form slid down, until I had buried it with just about 6 inches left above ground.
    I then drove a well by hand, near one edge, a shallow well, here in Michigan, of course, as we have water everywhere. Installed my pump, ran the pipe which I had cut a hole for near the top of the form, and fed my trailer.
    I also was only 30 years old at the time, had no money, as I was going through a divorce, and had to dig the hole for my septic tank and drain field with a shovel by hand. If I had to do it today, I would just live in my car.

  4. Neighbor kid run over my fake yard wind mill sunday just like #3. Told him don't worry about it since he knocked on door to make it right. Little shit was having a little to much fun. Maybe he learnt something. Turn when something gets in your way. lol

  5. #6. He was pushed into that hole. It was a combination of himself putting himself there to be pinched between the holes, and the guy at the other end swinging wide then tripping forward.

    #9 I saw that coming a mile away. The guy is a zombie.

  6. #5 cracked me up


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