Friday, December 02, 2022

Commentary: Predictably, the Republicans Form Their Circular Firing Squad

With the disappointing midterms, Republicans have lost a major battle in the fight to restore American greatness. We are now rapidly approaching the final standoff between the flailing Republican Party and the reenergized Democratic Party. The Democrats survived what should have been a political bloodbath in 2022, and the Right seems to be in the most vulnerable position since the 1960s, when Republicans were essentially a permanent minority in Washington.


  1. The Republicans are faced with the same solution that the Skipper and 'all the rest' had before them. All they had to do was kill Gilligan to get off the island. All the Republicans need to do is k..l Mitch McConnell to unite the party and beat the demonazies. At least send him home with a severe spanking for the damage he has caused. It is McConnells lust for personal power that make him favor democrats over conservative Republicans.

    1. It's been said that McConnell would rather be Minority Leader with a caucus he could control than Majority Leader with one he couldn't. I think he proved that pretty convincingly during the mid-terms.

  2. DeSantis: Might not want to be the man this go around, as he just got re-elected and is still consolidating his inner cadre.

    Pompeo: Too much like John Bolton and the #1 choice of the Nuland/Kagan war cult that currently has us on the verge of a shooting war with Russia. To quote my old 1st Sgt. "This asshole will get us all killed just to make a name for himself."

    Cruz: There is something creepy about him that I can't put my finger on and as such, he cannot be trusted.

    Pence: Don't bother. He's as inspiring as George Pataki and the base knows all too well how he knifed Trump in the back for four years.

    Haley: A female Romney/McCain. The reason Trump shipped her off to the UN is because she was going to lose her re-election bid after not only shit-canning the Confederate Flag, but then telling everyone in an interview afterwards how much she "Hated that flag and the people and culture associated with it."

    Jeb: As appealing as rectal cancer. That and the base is not in the mood to hand control of the party back to that elitist, globalist, war-mongering clan.

    Should anyone with the exception of Trump, or DeSantis get the nod, you will see a lefty returned to the Oval Office. A friend of mine is very involved in Republican party politics and during a conversation last week he stated that in order to rid the party of what is essentially the base, the heads of the party have absolutely no problem throwing as many elections as possible.
    The nominating process for 2024 will determine weather or not the party restructures itself, or gets burned to the ground from the inside. I'm opting for the latter, simply for the sheer joy of it. Screw it, voting doesn't matter anyway. This year has made that quite plain.

    1. There are no more Trumps on the republican bench. As it was, Trump was only a brief pause in the bi-factional ruling party in DC.

    2. The big money commerce types in the GOP keep buying candidates that induce vomiting in the base voter bloc. If only the GOPe could get Dems to start voting for the GOPe shills, they could safely do away with their own base.

  3. Until the stolen elections are resolved, voting won’t matter.

    1. ^^^^^^ This. Anyone with half a brain knows that Demonrats have now perfected the steal. Don't think so?

      Please explain how the cameras in vote counting centers in AZ "went dark" in the middle of the night. Please explain how vans full of ballots showed up at vote counting centers in the middle of the night in Michagin. Please also explain how an incumbent Demonrat Senator got 1100 votes from a town with 700 RESIDENTS, nevermind registered voters.

      Please explain why Dominion's vote counting software is "proprietary" and can't be audited by independent and/or government software auditors for accuracy and why an unaudited thumb drive is required to be installed in every Dominion vote counting machine in order for the machine to function.

      Please explain why a voter is NOT REQUIRED to show ID at every polling place in the nation.

      There's only one box left and it's going to be ugly.


    2. Excellent comment Nemo! It is incomprehensible that so many ordinary people are unable to see the most obvious bullshit and shenanigans!
      I guess when you have brainwashed generations of the populace via the "education" systems with major assistance from the left\gov controlled media it is easy to control the truth.
      Sadly, the ugliness will not be isolated to this country, and it could very well roll over to the entire planet.

  4. Until We stop all the illegal voting and remove the dominion machines, We the People will not have representation.

  5. Republicans are part of the uniparty. Republicans suck and are worthless. Conseaitives have conserved nothing. We need a new party. Shit can all them nitwhits in DC.


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