Thursday, December 08, 2022

She waited in line for 10 minutes to save 25 cents a gallon?

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — Low gas prices led to high drama at an East Nashville gas station where long lines for the pump sparked a violent confrontation.

That’s where a woman claimed a line cutter allegedly pulled a gun and body-slammed her.

The victim, who chooses to use only her first name, Jasmine, told News 2, “on the day of the incident, I was rushing to take my kids to school.”

It happened the morning of Sept. 29 at the Z-Mart on Gallatin Pike. It’s there that the victim said she and her friend had waited for almost 10 minutes when suddenly another car jumped the line.


Sorry, but saving 5 bucks at the most on a fill up isn't worth an asswhipping and 10 minutes of my time. 


  1. East Nashville, huh?
    Surprised they even reported this story with all the Murders and Unsolved murders in Nashville. I guess it was a feel good news article, the Police actually caught the guy.

  2. I laugh when people drive across town to get the lowest priced gas. Gasbuddy app freaks.

  3. I was working in New Jersey during the "shortage" in the early 70's. I'd wait in line just to get gas. The price went up to fifty cents per gallon during that time. My wife to be was in the Atlanta area at the time and the only effect there was that gas stations were closed on Sunday.

    1. Dunno what part of the Atlanta area your future wife was in but I'm from the Southside and distinctly remember gas lines all over town on TV news, and sitting in line with my folks.


  4. Surprised me since I thought the Amish only used horse drawn vehicles.

  5. Frank Zappa. “Thing Fish”. Mammy nuns.

    Sista Jasmine Noxema Tapioca.

    Now go f**k your briefcase.


  6. “rushing to take her kids to school” but had the time to wait in line for gas. My achin’ ass….

  7. Then it shouldn't be worth the line-jumper's risking getting his head blown off either.

  8. I know people who think they score a win every time they save a few cents on gas. Congratulations, you spent $5 on gas, drove an extra 45 minutes out of your way, and lined up for 20 minutes (you idled the whole time too, didn't you?) to save what amounts to $1.65. Well played.

    Somewhat related: In general, my life has been happier since it dawned on me that it's not worth the gas, time, and frustration to drive 15 blocks to the "cheaper" grocery store that sells stuff for a few percent less than the much better run grocery store that's across the street and up a block, unless I'm doing a major shopping.

  9. cents per gallon saved seems worth a ten minute wait to me provided you don't have to go out of your way to get it. My truck takes about 16 gallons to fill up from 1/4 tank, so $4 for 10 minutes is $24/hour, I'd take it.


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