Friday, December 09, 2022

Your tax dollars at work

DETROIT (FOX 2) - Detroit entrepreneur and musical artist Krizpy Boi was on the way home from the studio late Sunday night when he saw a group of cars doing donuts and drifting at the intersection of Seven Mile and Greenfield.


At one point a man walks into the center of the intersection, pouring a circle of liquid from what looked like a gasoline can, then lights it on fire for the cars to drift around.


A couple of Detroit police cars can be seen on video with two cruisers holding back traffic with flashers on. The officers did not intervene, which earned praise from their commander in how they dealt with the situation.


  1. like my friend John B used to say, "what's the fun in being a **gg** if you can't act like a **gger?"

  2. Long, long time ago before the shooting, a friend reported a grievous bodily injury on his brother and a few broken ribs to his own self, but "The police didn't want to get involved." A week after the shooting, a po-leece said, "You took care of the situation, I hear."

  3. I just woke up from screaming at Nosbaracktu to let us have our culture back and trying to splat him against a redwood tree with a huge four-by for batting his eyelashes and talkin' his smug blather back at me. I was thinking this was Jungian form of expressing my frustration, but it might've been the can of beans I had for dinner.


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