Monday, January 30, 2023

Nashville farmer reacts to ‘Eggflation’

NASHVILLE, Tenn. (WKRN) — The sound of chickens is one Michael Maples didn’t imagine he’d be hearing everyday. 

“Never did I think I’d be a chicken farmer,” he said. “Never.”

But roughly four years later, Maples is in fact a chicken farmer, running Maples Farm Fresh Eggs in Nashville.

“Neighbors started asking for eggs, and so then we got more chickens and more chickens, and now, any given time we can have between 300 and 800 chickens,” he said.


  1. Hellingdale Farms in Connecticut "caught fire" this weekend, killing 100,000 laying hens. Just part of the plan.

  2. i give mine away to friends/family but i was shocked when i ran out of cartons and went online to buy some. a dollar APIECE for a damn empty carton! fifty five cents if i buy 200. i have 7 layers. i can't afford to buy cartons at that rate. i'm asking folks to return the empty cartons now.

    1. I'm lucky, all my friends and family return theirs for the most part. I buy maybe 10 cartons a year and most of those are to replace the ones that are falling apart.

    2. I checked the price of empty cartons several years ago, I think it was five, because I save my store bought egg cartons to give away or use as kindling at camp. If I remember correctly the price at the time from TSC was $0.10 in 100 qty.

      If you're in central New England, I currently have about 100+/- about 10 of which are Jumbo's. The rest are for large. All you have to do is come get'em. WC has my email address.


  3. Tucker ran a segment on the chicken feed thing last night. According to the guy he interviewed and multiple postings on the web that were displayed, the feed thing is real. The culprit seems to be any feed manufactured by Purina. Purina, of course, declined an interview.

    That segment segued to another segment into the catastrophes (read unaccounted for fires and explosions) on food producing plants in the last couple of years. I've been keeping a rough tally on them. My current count is 98 since Jan. '21 including the latest one in CT.

    During the prior 40 years, the count was two.

    Strange that it coincides with Bribem's inauguration.

    But hey, I'm just a conspiracy theorist. I guess I need to screw my tin foil hat on a little tighter.

    Then there's the bird flu thing. This current bird flu epidemic supposedly originated in China two years ago. Someone please explain how bird flu jumped two oceans and the largest continent on this rock to present here.

    Lemme guess. Some rogue infected chickens were blown here in a storm.



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