Friday, February 03, 2023

Biden Sending Another $2.2 Billion in Weapons to Ukraine

According to a Reuters article, Joe Biden is going to send a massive $2 billion plus aid package to Ukraine with the $1.75 billion in direct purchase weapons from defense contractors. Included in the $1.75 billion package will be longer range rockets, with another $400 million in weapons coming directly from U.S. strategic military stockpiles.


  1. Traitorous bastard emptying our reserves for his CCP Masters.

  2. worse. he printing money like mad. it will not be long before it is all worthless. we are seeing the death of the dollar in real time. hell, even my brother is pulling cash out of his retirement
    accounts to buy silver these days. I told him this was going to happen last year.
    when the clowns told the house of Saud they where going to take their toys back from the kingdom. can you say Weimar anyone ?

  3. How do our politicians launder billions $$ ?


    (Insert pic of giant crane)


  4. FJB has even tapped a stockpile of arms in Israel. The US will not have enough to fight even a one ocean war. Bastard!

  5. Just part of the plan. Exhaust all NATO and US weapon stocks in Ukraine, then we will have nothing to counter China when they take over Taiwan - and anywhere else they want - like the entire USA.

    1. That explains the Dems mad rush to disarm American citizens.
      No more "rifles behind every blade of grass."

  6. Biden is a dirty sonofabitching money launderer. I hope the next president has him tried for treason against this country.

  7. None of this will matte if the Russians decide that it is enough, and attack the U.S. Yet Biden continues to push them. Poking a Bear with a sharp stick has never been a good idea. And also, FJB.


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