Tuesday, February 07, 2023

Modern Marvels: Oil Fire Fighters Risk it All

VIDEO HERE   (45:40 minutes)


  1. 1982 - working for a large municipal FD in SE TX. Boots and Coots group came out and was teaching us oil FF, multiple refineries in the area. Someone asked a young instructor how his father (one of Red Adair's group) was doing. The young man just said "he walked onto a platform fire (oil rig) and disappeared"......according to the son, they never found anything.....poof, the fire consumed him.........

  2. As I'm watching the video I'm thinking "Talk about an occupation that would lead to a short life span" (breathing smoke and toxic fumes' long term effects, that is if you don't blow yourself up first) I chance across the fact that Coots lived to 86 and Boots lived to 93.

    What men they were.


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