Wednesday, February 08, 2023

Mount Olive Pickles Tour Video

This award-winning visual tour of Mt. Olive Pickle Company gives you a close-up view of the pickle manufacturing process from farm to finished product. This company makes the best-selling brand of pickles in the country.
VIDEO HERE  (13:20 minutes)


A cute little company video, but I got a kick out of the pickle packing line with all the workers and their little mallets whacking those pickles so they can get one more in. Talk about a mind numbing job...


  1. my mouth would be watering all day working at that place

  2. Wow, talk about production! That place is jumping from one end to the other!

    Thanks, that was fun!

  3. Good place to get fired for sticking your dick in the pickle packer.

  4. Try their sweet heat bread & butter chips. OH DAMN! I have 10 jars in my stash.

    1. Duly noted and added to next week's shopping list.

    2. Based on your doom,e GI purchased a jar of Sweet Heat pickles yesterday at Publix - they are now officially gone. All I can say is: JESUS! WHY DID I JUST FIND OUT ABOUT THESE?!

      Dayam, these are my new addiction!

  5. I work at Van Holtens pickle in a pouch! Great company to work for.

  6. Get you some "BUBBIES" pickles and throw the rest away....

  7. It's an old joke, but...
    I used to work in a pickle factory, but I got fired--they caught me with my dick in the pickle slicer.
    She got fired, too.
    --Tennessee Budd

  8. Famous Dave's 'Devil's Spit' is the best hot sweet pickle around, just my two cents.

  9. Live in NC. Will be there at the end of April for the Pickle Festival.
    Have not made it for the Pickle Drop, yet!
    7 pm on New Year's Eve. Get the drinkers to Raleigh fast to watch the Oak Drop.
    Thought Vlasic was the biggest pickle around.

  10. Never cared for the taste of Mt Olive products. I prefer Claussen and Vlasic products.

  11. Related. Pickles rated best to worst. Mt. Olive is #2

  12. I prefer Wickles Pickles, especially the pickled okra. Buy local I say.

  13. Live a few hours away. Pickle Festival last Saturday in April? Hellz Yeah!
    Did not know everything didn't sit in a tank and ferment. Slice of America, a great country, when I was a kid.


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