Friday, February 03, 2023

They wouldn't even have gotten a second glance around here

LISLE, Ill. — Two men from Michigan were arrested on weapons charges early Saturday morning in Lisle after police said they were standing outside a gas station with guns. 

Lisle Police Department officers were called around 2:15 a.m. to the Speedway on Ogden Avenue near the Veterans Memorial Tollway ramp on the report of a man with a gun.


  1. This reminds me of some stories one of my co-worker told. He was originally from Jolly Old England. He moved to Arizona probably in the 60's or 70's. He was astonished that he could go into a store and buy a Lee Enfield (SMLE) and boxes of ammo and walk out the door with what he termed "a weapon of war". Arizona at the time had open carry. He was at an outdoor hamburger stand where a biker dude with a "huge pistol strapped to his hip" rode up and two cops didn't blink an eye. Another time two good ol' boys were out side a restaurant he was in admiring some shotguns they each had in their trucks. Again, no one cared.

    Uncle Dave

  2. Ya know, your title is very telling...
    It highlights the divide in our country? Here we like guns, enjoy guns, respect and use guns. The sight of one does not freak people out, they are accustomed to them, and they are NOT a symbol of violence to us.
    Liberals and leftists see guns as objects of violence and fear them, and thus it is natural to understand they want them banned outright. They do not learn to use them, respect them, or treat them as the tool that they are. They almost revere the shiny metal object, due to the fear it may harm them. They do not see it is the person doing them the harm, through the use of a tool called a gun, they see the inanimate object as the transgressor that must be punished.

  3. Not a well written story.
    "Through an investigation, they learned two men stood near the doors showing weapons while other people were inside the store purchasing items"
    "Showing Weapons" can mean a lot of things

  4. This is wrongful arrest and harassment by law enforcement. Unless they issued threat to use the weapons, they have every right to be in possession of the weapons..

  5. Article says the men were from Michigan, where open carry is legal. But the arrest took place in Illinois, the leftist land of Chicago. Not sure what the laws are there.

    1. Open carry is supposedly legal in Michigan, but in most cities you _will_ be harassed by the cops - usually not arrested, but proned out, thoroughly searched, and questioned.

      These guys were from two small towns in Oakland and Wayne Counties. In the still-civilized parts of Michigan, everything in those counties is known as "Detroit", whether inside or outside of Detroit city limits. Most likely, they'd have been hassled by their local police if they'd open carried even in their front yards, and definitely could have gotten into trouble a few miles away - if the cops are still bothering to patrol. The chances are pretty good they have a bad attitude permanently on display and you can guess the color.


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