Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Boy, they're right on top of things, aren't they?

PROSPECT HEIGHTS - Residents in the Prospect Heights section of Brooklyn say using trash cans with tight lids has greatly helped to diminish their neighborhood’s rat population.


Actually, I think the line should read, 'has greatly helped to diminish SIGHTINGS of their neighborhood’s rat population.'
Those rats are still there, they've just moved on to another food source.


  1. This is why there will be a fight, but a short one. It will be cities vs. the country. The city folk just discovered trash can lids, and how they function.
    I know where my money is!

  2. But using trashcans with tight fitting lids is racist. They are a symbol of white supremacist oppression. LOL

  3. Will the sidewalk rat bbq's still be available?
    - WDS

  4. OH OH. Looks like there might be a supply-line break down of products for the local Chinese eateries unless they can come up with a substitute like tree rats.

  5. But how will the politicians get enough to eat?

  6. Tight fitting lids? The trash collectors collective will fix that.

  7. Those rats will chew through a trashcan in 30 seconds flat, lid or not.

  8. We had rat's in the chicken coop eating the eggs. They dug an 8ft long tunnel to get through my wall of wire and stone. There is nothing around here (N. Maine) but woods. F'n things must be everywhere.


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