Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Catch of the Day

RED LAKE, Ontario — A woman and her boyfriend have one great fish tale to tell and it’s all true.

Sam Boucha had a day off from work and her child was in day care so she and her boyfriend, Brad Molloy, hit the ice for a day of ice fishing in Red Lake, Ontario, CBC reported.

The couple decided to hit a different spot than they normally do because their sled wasn’t running well.

They caught a few fish but one pulled a rod she had set up. When she lifted the line, she said it felt like “dead weight,” CBC reported.


  1. I wonder if her husband was happy about the catch.

  2. Nice fish. I've never even come close to catchin' a trout that size. Still, I ain't sure I'd've wasted the money to pay somebody to watch my kid when I could've spent the time fishin' with her. Kids are only young once and the look on her face when she caught a fish was priceless.


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