Wednesday, March 29, 2023

Grand theft elections as the new abnormal.....

Neither wing of the US war party warrants voter support — undemocratic Dems least of all. 

With them empowered, here’s what you get:


  1. at the last election here in pa. we had to wait to vote. something that never happen before here. lots of older folks too with walkers in line to vote too. one older guy was saying that we are wasting our time doing this. the fucking vote is rigged. I would say he was right. for every poster/ ad/billboard you saw with uncle fester on it, you saw maybe 20-30 for that asshole OZ. why Trump backed that asshole I have no idea. Katy Burnett was the best choice. I guess it some tv thing or something (??)
    same deal in 2020 around here. tons of Trump signs/ flags whatever. and just a couple of bidet ones.
    nothing new really. back in philly, it was all fucking rigged. in 2012 bozo "won" the ward I lived in at that time. my neighbor who "worked" the polls bragged he won with 100% of the vote. I asked him how ? I didn't vote for him. he didn't say shit to me for 2 months after that. voting is a waste of our time anymore. without voter id and paper ballots, one day voting. nothing is going to change. face it. we are fucked.


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