Friday, March 24, 2023

So it's safe to say he's incorrigible then?

HOUSTON - A Houston man was arrested and facing burglary charges tied to multiple businesses in the Midtown and Downtown areas. 

HPD announced that 45-year-old Reginald Jones is a repeat offender and has been arrested 63 times in Texas - 54 times alone in Harris County. The earliest arrest dates back to 1997, according to Detective Bernard Ng.


  1. The Houston judicial system obviously has no interest in stopping this dark skinned entrepreneur, so hopefully one of his future victims will permanently retire him.

  2. Looks like Reggie has a neurotic compulsive problem.along with sticky fingers.

  3. Read the headline and thought SMTN and sure enough there he was .

  4. Almost 2.5 crimes a year since he was 19 and I would bet good money he has a juvenile record as well. But California race players say reparations will solve that behavior.

  5. "The earliest arrest dates back to 1997"

    Nope. That's just the first one that wasn't sealed in his juvenile records. Nobody starts a career of 2.5 crimes a year - counting only the times he was caught - at age 19. I'm sure he was incorrigible before he was an adult, and the only reason his adult criminal record starts as late as 19 is that he was in jail the whole time he was 18.


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