Thursday, March 30, 2023

Your Thursday Morning Florida Report

TAMPA, Fla. - The driver of a dump truck tried to avoid a collision on a Tampa highway when another driver entered its path. According to the Florida Highway Patrol, it was a case of road rage.


  1. One of these days the trucker is NOT going to take evasive action. I also seem to think that the brakes on the truck might have been out of adjustment. Mufflerking

  2. Fuck that bitch. I hit the last one that pulled that shit on me. He tried to pass me on the left shoulder when he figured out there was a bridge ahead. Clipped the front of my truck on left front then bounced a couple of times off bridge and my truck/trailer on the right side. His wife and two young kids that was not buckled up were ejected and life-flighted to Little Rock. All because he didn’t want to be behind a tractor-trailer rig. Fortunately for me I had my dash-cam catch all his dum-assery on video. FAFO.

  3. Lumberton TX (early 2000s??) 5 kids in a vehicle pulled out in front of a tanker truck. The truck driver knew if he rolled many more people would die (local neighborhood), so he took no evasive action (would've rolled over), T-boning the vehicle, killing all 5 immediately .......

  4. Like sail boats and aircraft carriers you do not mess with the BIGGER guy.
    You will lose every time.

  5. At summer training, 1979?, a big 4 door goes down into the borrow pit, (around posted roadblock with guards) back up onto the road, RIGHT IN FRONT OF MY 5 TON DUMP TRUCK, which was empty, going downhill, I locked it up, missed the asshole and his wife and kids. Self important fuckwit, if I'd been a second slower, I'd gone right over the top of them. I remember the look of horror on the kids face, he was maybe 10, and HE KNEW. Yeah, that was '79. So much worse out on the road now.


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