Friday, May 26, 2023

Missing, Presumed Dead: The Search For America's POWs

Hundreds of American POWs from the Korean War were abandoned in North Korea after hostilities ended in 1953. When it became apparent that repatriating these men would not be feasible, the U.S. government declared them, "Missing, Presumed Dead." These missing servicemen were forgotten until POW/MIA activists forced the U.S. Senate Committee on Foreign Relations, chaired by Sen. John Kerry, to investigate the recent reports that some of these POWs are still alive in North Korea and that the Pentagon has kept this secret from the public. MISSING, PRESUMED DEAD, unveils the mystery of why these POWs were abandoned, the likelihood some are still alive in North Korea and why our government will not negotiate for their releases.

A team of both liberal activists (Ed Asner, Peter Coyote) and conservative government officials (Sen. Bob Smith, Dr. James Lucier) have united to expose this tragic story in hopes these POWs will finally be repatriated.  This will only happen when the American public demands the U.S. President negotiate directly with North Korean President, Kim Il Un.  North Korean ambassadors have stated that negotiations for POWs will happen only when the U.S. agrees to direct talks.

VIDEO HERE (1 hour, 5 minutes)


  1. That would be interesting, Joe negotiating with Kim. Kim won't be the worst dunce for a change.

  2. Huh, a pattern emerges......... The two best books about Vietnam Prisoners left behind.

  3. well, in 1981 John Kerry and John shit stain shut it down. and then had EVERYTHING marked as TS and hidden. I was at CGSC at the time. there where a LOT of pissed off
    people walking in those hallways back then.
    here is the thing. the Viets did not let the French pows go until they got the money from France. well, same deal here. at the "peace accords" we said we where going to give them money to rebuild everything we blew up. by that time. Ford was in. and the congress wouldn't let him pay up. so. our people there rotted away. can you guess who was in congress back then and voted NO ? yup. the asshole JOE
    dave in pa.

  4. My father in law is one, shot down and never recovered. My mother in law, to her dying day, believed he was alive and had been moved to China.

  5. I'm just going to leave this here. Our Air Force family friend Lt. Col Robert Morrisey MIA since 1972 after an F-111 shootdown. It was bad enough when his wife died never really knowing what happened but recently his son, who was my age, passed away. I've seen the kind of pain that a family of an MIA experiences. This is what I think about on Memorial Day.

  6. Does anyone honestly think men in their 90's are still alive as POWs in North Korea? Or for that matter in their 70s or early 80s from VietNam? If they are, I pray they are brought home, but considering how our government operates...

  7. Maybe if the politicians children were the first in battle instead of being exempt things would be different. I have great respect for the Korean Vet. Most people now days have no idea what the 38th parallel is. Chosin Resevoir, whats that? Those boys saw some shit. That's a fact.

  8. chaired by Sen. John Kerry.... That says it all.


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