Monday, May 29, 2023

NYC college professor fired for berating abortion opponents on campus

NEW YORK - A New York City college has fired an adjunct professor who was recorded on video berating abortion opponents on campus earlier this month and who on Tuesday reportedly threatened a journalist with a machete.


  1. "reportedly" my ass. they had vid

  2. She was only an adjunct, those are the bargain basement teachers that are easy to replace. She might make more on unemployment.

  3. First Budweiser and now this. Wonder if the tide has started to turn?

  4. She was fired for being recorded threatening someone with a machete. The stuff at school with the spineless pro-life wiener is exactly what she is there for.
    I am prolife but unashamedly so.

    Steve in KY

  5. She won't have any trouble finding a new job as an edumacator. Besides being an insane baby-killing leftist she's also black, is female and has a Hispanic surname.

    In addition to machetes, Ms. Rodriguez is also fond of bolt cutters.

  6. The bitch is on camera outside her front door, holding the machete to the neck of the reporter as his best friend films the whole thing from a safe distance, and then she's filmed again on the street outside just afterwards, waving the machete around and continuing with the trash-mouth shit-talking, but OK, 'reportedly'.

  7. No Justice until cunts like this get beheaded, live, on evening television. I’d watch overandoverandover.

  8. Hey, New York is a "No Machete" zone. It really is a law.


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