Monday, May 29, 2023

Patients say pain pill crackdown left them with "excruciating withdrawals." How are they months later?

SACRAMENTO - An Orangevale veteran says he's managed to have a life using the same dose of pain meds for decades. But suddenly, he lost access to the full amount. CBS13 followed his journey for months, and here are the results. 

Even something as simple as going for a walk with his wife is painful for Richard Wright.


Thanks to government interference, Lisa is prescribed just enough pain meds to make her comfortable most days (notice I said 'most' days) but not nearly enough to help her lead a normal life.
A big day for her is when she feels well enough to go to the store with me, maybe once a month? Even then she's flat on her back for the rest of the day and sometimes the day after too.


  1. yeah, know that all too well myself. down to 3 full pills a day- fun. had to fight like hell to get
    the half a pill for spike pain with the VA. so, just going food shopping is a real pain.
    that is way we only go maybe 2 times a month. funny as after the surgery, they where giving me 6 pills a day plus time release morphine 2 times a day. and valium for muscle spasms
    don't really do much to speak of these days. enjoy your retirement as they say.
    yeah, right. don't fish or hunt anymore. do some target shooting on good days.
    dave in pa.

  2. The only way I got around this was to sign a legally binding contract with my Dr. The pharmacy I use was eventually forced into compliance. For nearly one year it was tough, every month not knowing if I would get a refill. That meant I would be overly judicious in how often I would take a pill. It is a helluva way to manage crippling pain. My body would react in other surprusibg ways, like wild mood swings or metabolism swings.

    All because some kooks in govt with authority want to pound their one size fits all square peg.
    The result is increases in behaviors they say they mean to avoid.

  3. The government just wants everybody to switch to 'medicine' brought in by the Ten Percent Big Guy.

  4. If these drug warriors had to live a week with what they force citizens to suffer with they would be suck starting their service pieces.

  5. I've a nephew with MS. Had it for years. They screw with his meds all the time. That man is always in pain and there is no reason for it.

  6. I just got a prescription for 20 percocets but the pharmacy could only sell me 8 pills because they've reached their quota and can't sell any more pain meds of any kind until next month.

  7. WestcoastDeplorableMay 29, 2023 at 8:11 PM

    The "crackdown" on pain meds is stupid beyond belief. I have to "see" the doctor every 3 months even though I have no problems other than lower back pain from a bad wreck when I was 16. For the past year my doc visits have all been telemed and last about 5 minutes including the weight and usual interrogation.
    I have no idea what they're trying to accomplish with this shit other than pissing off patients. And don't cha know this all started with Oblunder care when "corporate" medicine replaced independent doctors.

  8. I have been repeatedly informed that all people who suffer from chronic pain conditions are actually just weaklings who need to toughen up, or loser drug addicts. I've had multiple people tell me this. And if I could roast every one of them alive, I'd do it. I hate pain meds. But I hate being confined to a bed, in agony, more. I sometimes pray that somebody less crippled than me, but with similar pain issues, will decide to go hunting someday. Meantime I look forward to seeing these bastards burn in hell.

  9. Those jackasses. Buprenorphine is an opioid. It's just a modified one. A partial agonist as they say. Lying bastards. They restrict tramadol for the same fucking reason, even though it's not even in the same fucking class as oxy or actual morphine.

  10. Actually medicare was a big part of the crackdown on pain meds. Obamacare contributed, and Obama's DEA and FDA, but Medicare was paying for a lot of pain meds, and those cost money. And the government prefers sending billions to foreign countries rather than spending them on citizens. May the people who came up with the concept of "morphine equivalent dose" suffer from unbearable, agonizing pain for eternity. Or at least the people who decided to use it as a benchmark for prescribing non-morphine meds.

  11. After breaking my neck and the surgery to repair it, I was put on Oxy. They told me that you don't become addicted if you need it.
    Well, I became addicted. I was controlling my intake to only before bed, enough to sleep, but I was addicted.
    Then to really screw things up, I became allergic to it. Cravings and pain without, hives and itching with it. I got off it REAL quick. The withdrawal was bad bad bad the first six months. Lots of sleepless nights. I did pain management with Tylenol and Motrin. They took enough of the edge off that I could sleep. I'm ten years post op this week. Some days are still hell. I force myself to get up and go to work many mornings. Some days I wake up with no feeling below my neck. It can take an hour before I'm able to do anything. I have to be careful what I do with my hands. Gotta see that my fingers are wrapped around the shower support for example.

  12. Here in Hawaii Kaiser cut back on morphine for a terminally ill cancer patient saying that the Feds stipulate a lower daily dosage. The man is dying & Big Brother is worried about addiction. Poor Lisa & all the other folks who suffer from chronic pain that can not be treated with exercise, yoga, pilates, essential oils or the other stupid alternative recommendations.

  13. Its a shame we give up our youth and health to an ungrateful employers and government and in return we get pain.

  14. I had a root canal done a while back. Found out the hard way " just take an NSAID" for pain. I can't take those and even have to take Acetametaphan free version of pills because of chronic stomach issues. They told me they don't prescribe anything. Would have been nice to know upfront. They wouldn't let me talk to the dentist afterward telling me this.Good thing, it wouldn't have went well. I was ready to remove some teeth for free.

    1. You needed painkillers for a root canal?
      I had ten of my upper teeth pulled a couple years back, all at the same time. It was done under a local anesthesia and I took a single motrin later that afternoon. That's it.

    2. Pulling dead teeth is not the same as grinding up nerves in a live-ish tooth.

    3. They weren't dead, several were cracked or broken off in an accident so I had the dentist pull them all. I've also had several root canals over the years and never even took an aspirin afterwards.

    4. I remember you telling me about that when it happened, Kenny.

    5. Ibuprofen (advil,motrin) was designed to target the peripheral nervous system. Teeth are part of that system. I had 6 molars pulled in one procedure under local anesthetic. Before we started I asked if we could get the pain meds script taken care of so I didn't have to stand around later w/bloody gauze in my mouth trying to communicate. Dentist handed me 6x200 mg. Ibuprofen & a glass of water. Said take these now and 4 more when you get home, then take as directed on the bottle. He said if doesn't work he will call in a strong narcotic (CNS) pain med for me. I though; "6 molars at once and you want to give me advil. You gotta be shitting me!". Well, I must be his favorite turd because he wasn't shitting me. Sonofabitch! It worked like a charm. Actually better than vicodin or percocet.

    6. Compared to how bad my entire face hurt when I got into her office, the pain after she pulled my teeth was nothing. I couldn't even breathe through my mouth without lightning bolts shooting through my head before I got in the next day.

  15. one good thing happen. last time I had to see the pain doc at the VA to see if I really needed them. did the pill count and piss test. talked with her and explained my system for keeping
    on track with the meds. but I did ask for and got more lidocaine patches.
    as my back is shot. and I be dammed if they cut on me anymore. the patches help out a LOT ! if you can get them do so. they say they are good for 12 hours, but I have had them on for longer than that a lot of times. they are very good for sharp local pain.
    what most people don't understand is it takes 30-45 minutes for the pills to "kick in "
    and then they will last maybe 4-5 hours if you lucky. with the patches, you or rather I can feel almost normal with it. not going for a run good. but I don't wish I was dead either.
    the 4% ones they sell in stores are okay, but try to get the 5% ones as they work the best
    hope this helps put a few of you. dave in pa.

  16. Meanwhile, they are handing out dilaudid to junkies in Canada to keep them from buying street fentanyl, except the Canadians are selling their dilaudid prescriptions to people like Lisa so they have the money for the street fentanyl.

    When I got blown up a couple years ago, they had me on fentanyl. That stuff doesn't really help the pain that much, but makes you too stoned to be very concerned with that. Whereas, the dilaudid helps the pain and lets you keep your brain.

    Or... me anyway. The world has gone mad... no... STARK RAVING mad.

  17. A good toke or two of some sticky bud helps pain and inflammation very effectively.

    Most people don't know that the 2018 farm bill legalized weed on a federal level. You can have fat sticky buds shipped right to your door at affordable rates. 100% legal. . Just search for high THCA hemp flower. So many consumer choices. Like a kid in a candy store. They even have pure THCA diamonds. Pure fire. I hope that helps.

    1. a)
      Eugene, Oregon.
      Although we have zero interest in growing or intoxication, probably more than half the people we know are indoor growers.
      As I understand the 2018 Farm Act, hemp with a THC *below* .3% (three-tenths of one percent) is legitimized.
      The way I understand it, 'marihuana' remains a Schedule One narcotic.
      b) I mentioned growing or intoxication.
      My buddy in California fabricates a chocolate peanut-butter bar (ala Reese's) using marijuana rosin from his thirteen plants in his greenhouse.
      After a few dozen wrecks, my neck is a pretzel.
      One wreck involved a house collapsing on me, resulting in the loss of over half my lung function.
      One tiny nibble -- half my little finger nail size -- and I can breathe and finally get a restful sleep.
      But he cannot send me a couple bars a month.
      Legal in California, legal in Oregon, but illegal to ship across state borders.


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