Wednesday, May 31, 2023

State Farm to stop offering new home insurance policies in California

State Farm said it will no longer accept new applications for home and business insurance in California because of an increase in catastrophic events and construction costs, the company announced Friday.


  1. Won't the first. Certainly won't be the last. It has begun...

  2. Been doing that in FL for years. Nothing new.

  3. Raciiiiisssstttt!!!!! Or something. Because isn't everything? I mean stores shut down out there, it's racist and all this must be too!

  4. Nothing new. 21st Century Insurance dropped out of the California homeowners insurance market some 20 years ago. Looks like they are auto only today. I recall all kinds of fire issues when trying to find replacement insurance. Wild brush within 600 yards of the house was one stumbling block I recall. We were only a four mile drive from the ocean.


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