Friday, June 09, 2023

Commentary: Chris Christie Needs a Wide Lane to Run in 2024

I must admit, when former New Jersey Governor Chris Christie removed himself from the 2016 Republican presidential primary race very early in the contest, I thought we’d seen the last of his oversized run as a major influencer in the Grand Old Party.


  1. It doesn't matter who the Republicans run. Nobody has shown any interest in fixing the election process therefore the Democrats will win in 2024. Furthermore, the Republicans don't want to win. They just want to continue to be so called "opposition" and gather funding from donors. The PTB in the GOP were totally on board with Hillary winning in 2016 and were really PO'ed when Trump won. The Democrats only mistake was underestimating the margin of cheat they would need. Don't worry, they won't let it happen again - see the 2020 election results for proof. Christie is only doing this for the campaign money he'll get to keep after the so called election. End Of Rant.

  2. I can see his campaign platform now:
    "A chicken in every pot... mmmmmmm chicken."

  3. Just wait until one of the other R's running posts some memes of Christie and family ensconced on an otherwise empty beach during lockdown or the Fort Lee tollbooth fiasco or the results of the votes during his last run where he got <2% of the votes nationwide until he dropped out.

    I still can't fathom how these idiots think they'll "do better this time".

    Whatever it is that they're smoking or ingesting, I want some. Must be good shit to induce these kinds of cosmic delusions.


  4. Looks like someone needs to drum up more money for his food budget again.

    1. Or to widen the pipes of his sewer connection.

  5. Saw where his campaign stated he backed more money for UKR, trying to get the military industrial backing.

    Maybe we can get the japanese whaling industry to harpoon this humpback.


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