Friday, June 09, 2023

Hey, if it worked the first time...

Each time he stood before a Chicago traffic court judge and told his story, the judge asked his name.

“Jeffrey Kriv,” he’d say. That was true.

Then he’d raise his right hand and get sworn in. What came next was also consistent.

“Well, that morning, I broke up with my girlfriend and she stole my car,” Kriv, who had been ticketed for running a red light, testified in January 2021.


  1. Chicago. I'm willing to bet he doesn't spend his retirement there.

  2. If it's the same babe in all cases I'd suggest they seek councling

  3. This guy is a career scumbag. This has always been the reason why the general public has had a hard time fully embracing their police depts. This moron and others like him are allowed to skip through too many cracks before they get disciplined or booted. And to me the worst part is, is that they ruin it for the majority of the officers who do their jobs properly

    1. The majority of cops ruined it for themselves by failing to rid their ranks of scumbags. Nope, just look away and tell yourself how it's someone else's job.

  4. Defund the poo lice.

  5. To start with, that's 44 counts of perjury and forgery. If the prosecutors were doing their job, he not only would have spent a lot of time in jail just for his bogus excuses in traffic court, but he would have been barred by those felony convictions from even touching a gun and could not have worked for any police department in the USA.


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