Monday, June 05, 2023

In Tennessee, we have truck dogs, but in Alaska...




  1. Apparently bears like the wind in their faces too. Who knew.

  2. Okay, YOU throw the bear out of the truck.

  3. Let’s drive through the new Alaskans neighborhood

  4. Starker here,
    That's one big Black Bear my first thought was, that's too big to be a Newfie. Seeing a black bear these days calls to mind the first seasons of Alone. Just say, "Hey Bear!" LMAO!

  5. We had a bear problem in PA when I lived there that overwhelmed the capacity of the Game Commision to deal with them. The local warden darted a mid-sized bear (250#) but couldn't get a culvert trap to relocate it. So he loaded it with help in to the back of his personal pickup.
    He is driving up the Northeast Extension when people start staring at his truck. Yes the bear woke up and was trying to sit up.
    Our valiant young warden pulls off the road and loads up a syringe to administer more drug for the remaining trip. He grabs the bear and promptly injects himself and not the bear. Not a full load but enough to ruin his day.
    So it's decision time for the young warden. He radios for help and they tell him how much antidote to give himself, then to drive to the local hospital ER.
    What to with the bear? He lowers the tailgate , puts it in reverse hits the gas and slams on the brakes, The bear slides out and tumbles into the brush.
    He marks the spot and goes to the hospital. Everything works out okay, he's fine, the bear wanders off and life goes on.
    We put a bear picture on the t-shirts we gave out at the Youth Field day that year in his honor.

  6. I know that intersection….just outside Wasilla.


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