Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Pro tip: Pay your rent on time

HAMILTON, Canada -- A young couple who were living together have been shot dead by their landlord following a dispute with the man who was 30 years their elder, police say.


  1. But but but I thought Trudope was going to confiscate all the guns? Or something.

    Turdboy banned guns in Canadia. There can be no gun violence.

  3. Starker here,
    I find some of the story's points odd.
    He was 30 years their elder.
    ... firearms were registered to him.
    ... committed the crime before police arrived.
    .. which resulted in an interaction with police.
    It was unclear whether the suspect had been taken into custody alive

    1. A subsequent story clarifies that the landlord was killed in a shootout and was pronounced dead at the scene. The dispute was over mold in the residence, not about unpaid rent, and the tenants were shot in the front yard as they were running away. The landlord's name was withheld at the request of his family, which I guess is a thing in Canada.

    2. Its only a thing if the landlord isnot white..The fact they withheld it tells me tge OPP are afraid of upsetting 'his community'.


  4. Another story written specifically to predictively program you for what is coming.

    Watch the show Chicago PD, and you can be enlightened by all of the predictive programming and propaganda that they are preparing the masses for.

    Get rid of all TV and open your Bible from time to time for real knowledge.

  5. Had nothing to do with rent. They complained about mold, and he murdered them.

    1. I bet you're not known for your sense of humor, are ya? The caption was pure satire as are about half of them on this site.


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