Friday, June 02, 2023

Say bye-bye to Rocky

AUBURN, Maine (AP) — A raccoon in Maine was euthanized and tested for rabies after a woman brought it into a pet store for a nail trim and some customers kissed it, state wildlife authorities said.


  1. This might work:

  2. If that was a tamed pet then fuck all gov and fuck petco. Rabies testing means cutting off the head.
    If he was in fact wild, then maybe she should get tested for rabies.

    On second thought, fuck all gov either way

  3. I thought Rocky (of Rocky and Bullwinkle fame) was a flying squirrel?

    1. The name Rocky Racoon from the Beatles song popped into my head when I saw the story. I was drinking.

    2. Back in the 60's, my brother and I had a couple
      raccoons as pets. They were housebroken, would
      stay out of places where you didn't want them
      (cupboards, counter, table, fridge, etc), could
      sit at the table and eat with us (better manners
      than a lot of people), would go on walks with us
      in the woods, and, when my father deployed
      to Vietnam, became VERY protective of the family.
      (Evidently normal as they age.) After he left, more
      than one adult (never a kid) was chased from
      the house by one or both 'coons...NOBODY in their
      right mind would consider standing up to a 40-50lb
      raccoon (let alone 2 of them) when they charged
      from behind the sofa or out of the back room.
      They would sleep in my brother and my beds...
      My brother found out that the female would bite
      me if he screamed or cried while I was near him.
      I still carry a couple scars, he still remembers
      the whooping he got for doing it after we figured
      out what was happening.
      When we got the first we took him to the vet who
      vaccinated him for rabies with both dog and cat
      vaccines since "they don't make rabies vaccine
      for raccoons". Did the same when we got the female.
      Nobody ever got rabies.
      Good times.

  4. Too bad Rocky didn't come
    equipped with a gun
    To shoot off the legs of his rival

  5. Mess with my animals and they won't find your body.

  6. In the early 70's, Santa Fe Junior College in Ginesville Fl had a zoo where someone brought in a sick bobcat. Something like 14 or 17 people (cant recall) tool turns giving this cat mouth to mouth resuscitation. It died anyway. It had did from rabies. What a bunch of idiots.

  7. Why would anyone feel the urge to kiss a stranger's Racoon? I get it, they're cute and weird, but still...

    This made me think... Do people eat Raccoons? I've never heard of such a thing.


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