Tuesday, June 06, 2023

The day Slimey Sidd learned robbing a mail carrier isn't the same as robbing a Mapco

A Memphis man was sentenced to nine years in federal prison in connection with armed robberies of several postal workers. 

“Sidney Poitier Pilcher, Jr., a/k/a Slimey Sidd, 21, has been sentenced to over nine years in federal prison for aiding and abetting in the robbery of postal carriers while brandishing a firearm,” according to the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Western District of Tennessee.


  1. Messing with fedgov. They come down hard. Why so? In order to not one stone rattle loose of the battlement. In order to put the fear into the people. A people coward will remain no threat. The walls can be paper thin, require little maintenance; still they stand solid to a people lacking resolve.

  2. Walking into local U.S. Postal Office, I notice the signs stating the penalties for robbing U.S. postal worker employees. I wonder why this same penalty isn't the same for us 'ordinary folk'.

  3. Is it them again Yogi? And he got just 9 years?

  4. I noticed a recent addition to my rural post office: A 16 x 16-ish sign by the door prohibiting firearms. In red, white and blue of course.

  5. Not to worry. Rep. Cohen has already added him to his pardon list of 1,200 he's sending to Poopy Pants Joe.


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