Friday, June 02, 2023

The last thing you'd expect to happen to you

A woman is dead after bags of cement fell from a truck that overturned on an interstate offramp in San Diego on Friday afternoon, according to California Highway Patrol.


  1. That would really suck to die on Friday afternoon heading home after a long week at work.
    If I die in an accident, please let it be Monday morning on the way TO work. Don’t make me suffer through the work week.

  2. Maybe it was just her time to go.

  3. Hell of a way to lose your wife/mother.

  4. A bag of portland cement weighs 94 pounds as I recall from my childhood. I kind of measured my growth by my ability to lift a bag and pour it in the mixer. At 13yo I wasn't dragging them.

  5. Starker here, That the truck is on the inside of the turn, the skid marks going from outer to inner & it dumped left on a left turn. Reads that he wasn't paying attention, drifted right, overcorrected left then tried to recover right, that's when he lost it as it flipped.
    Not, truly an accident IF
    it only involved his actions.

  6. Failure to secure load.

  7. Doubtful the driver will be deported.


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