Monday, June 05, 2023

Uh-oh, trouble in SwiftyLand

Taylor Swift's rumored boyfriend Matty Healy kissed a male security guard while performing in Denmark on Friday evening. 

The 34-year-old singer was performing the track Robbers with his band, The 1975, during the 2023 NorthSide Festival and spotted a guard standing just in front of the stage.


I'm calling it an honest mistake. Matty copped a buzz, saw the security guard's slack ass and lack of titties and naturally thought Taylor had flown in as a surprise to watch him perform.


  1. Oh great! Another song about worthless men.

  2. Every man she gets is broken.
    How she going to make lots of babies with a fudge-packer?

  3. If she couldn't figure out he was a three dollar bill, he just showed her.

  4. Maybe he got tired of eating pancakes and switched to 8 inch weiners.

  5. Whoever she winds up with will never have that scary,awkward moment, trying to figure out how to answer That Question every man hates...
    Do these pants make my ass look big?

  6. Your being to "kind" there.


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