Thursday, September 21, 2023

Doug from The DaleyGator needs our help

My name is Doug, and my mother has decided to cease her dialysis treatments. I have been her caregiver for four years, since my dad passed away in 2019. I have not worked since 2019 because mom has needed full time care, which I have provided in our home and we have been living on her Social Security benefits.

When she passes away, her benefits will cease, and I will very soon run out of money to live on. I was just beginning to apply for Medicare and Disability for me, so, it will be a few weeks before I can begin supporting myself. Our bank account is low, and the final expenses will likely deplete it entirely.

Frankly, I need some help, and would be grateful for any help you can give.

God bless and thank you very much
Doug Hagin


If you can see your way to join me in donating a few bucks to help out a fellow Patriot, I know it will be appreciated. Times are tough and it sounds like Doug could use a helping hand.


  1. You are too kind sir, thanks so much!!

  2. It can take years to get on disability if you can even get it and longer for Medicare. You can probably get on Medicaid, if not you can get odumbo care for a song and dance (it can be better than Medicare).

  3. Only $10, sorry. Its expensive here but praying for you. Awesome you took so good care of you mom....Chris

  4. Done. God bless 'I'm. I could not do that for my parents.

  5. GatorDoug's site has been a regular visit for a long while and it is a bright spot in my day.
    I gave what I could for now, more to follow, and I encourage readers to assist as they are able.

  6. Done. Sorry to hear about your mom. Chris in Nanuet. Take care Doug


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