Monday, October 02, 2023

Knock knock, who's there?

Houston - A Texas State Trooper is at the center of an investigation after he shot one of his neighbors at a Downtown Houston apartment complex on 500 Crawford Street.

The state trooper who’s been with the Texas Department of Public Safety for two years apparently mistook his neighbor for a burglar and shot him.

Just after midnight, the Texas State Trooper heard someone trying to get into his Downtown Houston mid-rise apartment.


  1. I wonder if his punishment will be different than if I had decided to shoot someone through my door.

  2. Through the door into the common area, SMH,

  3. All of his training kicked in and he shot through a closed door.
    But no biggie. He's probably on paid administrative leave.
    Shaking my head.

  4. Why didn't he call the police? That's what they'd tell you.

  5. Doubly stupid from a Texas perspective. Growing up in Texas, it was made clear that your front yard and walk up to your front door is considered public access. If you were concerned about who was at your front door, you were advised to wait until they actually opened or otherwise came thru the front door before you shot them. If they were in the side or back yards, then you were more likely able to justify shooting them. The city police officer I learned that from also advised you should wait until they were at least partly in the building. He said if you shoot them and they fall backwards out into the yard, call the county sheriff because they'd come out and help you drag the body into the house so there'd be no question of illegal entry. City cops would just report is as they found it and let the DA decide.


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