Monday, September 25, 2023

No sympathy here

Remember Gaige Grosskreutz? 

He was the establishment's darling during the trial to make an example of Kyle Rittenhouse. Gaige, a convicted felon with a long criminal history, was illegally carrying a pistol that he pulled on Kyle Rittenhouse as the young man was trying to escape from the violent BLM mob in Kenosha, Wisconsin during the 2020 "Summer of Love."


  1. Too bad the Black dude didn't do a better job.

    1. They are not known for their ability to aim you know.

  2. Can we chip in to pay for damage to the SUV?

  3. Fuckwit just strolled out into the intersection, without stopping or looking, as a vehicle was leaving said intersection. Got what he deserved!


  5. If ever a guy fit the definition of "Frickin' Cull" it's Gaige Grosskreutz/Paul Prediger.

  6. Leftist with lengthy rap sheet run down by homie with suspended license. Fitting.
    - WDS

  7. Huh. What a shame, hate to see it happen to a fella like that.

  8. Hopefully the bicep that got blown off is connected to his girlfriend hand....

  9. My fave quote I saw somewhere on the web, maybe here. "Second place in the Kenosha quick draw competition"


    Notice Gaige Grosskreutz was just hitting the corner as a walker, just as a dark sedan has stopped pretty far forward in the intersection, and just as there is an oncoming car, all as the white SUV comes up to the intersection, and makes a quick decision to take the turn, where it hits Grosskreutz. And at that moment, Grosskreutz just walked in front of the car without looking, putting himself right in front of the SUV, possibly to force the SUV to stop. I think the black guy who hit him was a target, and the glowies were fucking around with him. They wanted to stop him at that corner for some reason, and he decided to jump ahead of the car in front of him to get away. The target was probably so flustered his amygdala was overloaded and not functioning, and he could not process the multiple streams of data well enough to avoid the accident. You can easily get that way in the shock and awe phase early on, when your brain has to go from total normal complacency to adapting to being Will Smith in Enemy of the State for real.

    And he was probably in flight mode, which is a very primal mode you go into when being chased, where a switch gets flipped by what the brain sees early on, and suddenly you are a focused machine, totally focused on looking for a place to squirt out of, and if you see a little gap, you go.

    And then the driver did a Terry Davis and took off, so he was running in his mind. Also, look at how cement-head Grosskreutz did all that canvassing and intel gathering to deliver everything to the cops. Be interesting if more info comes out on this, given Grosskreutz is an operator. I think his earpiece literally told him to take out Kyle Rittenhouse, once that little pedophile wind-up toy got skullcapped. Rittenhouse just got the drop first. Only by God’s grace were the glowies thwarted that day, and Kyle survived. That night in Kenosha, if we knew the full scope of the operation, and everything deployed, all the agencies involved, and the objectives, and the manpower assigned and where it came from, it would blow us away. But interesting to see Grosskreutz is right back out there, doing foot duty. Imagine, being a soldier for Cabal, and what it stands for. It is so baffling. Fingering a baby-faced kid like Kyle, who just wanted to help everyone, and marking him to be the one to die that night at the hands of a little pedophile, just for politics. Probably feeling like with such a cherry to target, you had hit the goldmine, and could almost go home and knock off before the op even got underway. All for this conspiracy. I am gobsmacked.

  11. Kyle's actions were astoundingly professional, as though he were a Green Beret. I think it literally is by the grace of God as in he got some kind of divine help.


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