Thursday, September 21, 2023

Sad, but they're overlooking the obvious

Concerned parents packed the Lake Elsinore School Board meeting Thursday night in response to the death of 12-year-old Yashua Robinson during P.E. class in late August.


Public school.
Vaccination required by law to attend that public school.
12 year old boy dies of heart attack.


  1. "Vaccination required by law to attend that public school." Unless you're an illegal.
    If you are, you can bring all of your third world diseases to class, no questions asked.


  2. This is very sad in many ways. Evil, foolish, gullible, powerless, you all can figure out which applies to whom.

  3. They are going to cash in on the ghetto lottery. It would be interesting to see a toxicology report on this. Very sad for the kid. Now, when it gets settled out of court, the tax payers who pay school tax as part of property tax are going to get HOSED. It is not credible that an insructor is out there, running kids in hot weather and refusing to provide water. if that is the case, then manslaughter may be on the table.

  4. "If it saves only one life" in this case doesn't follow the left's rule of "GET THEM AS MANY SHOTS AS POSSIBLE".

  5. you should be able to request an exemption and the reason being the sheer corruption in the CDC and FDA. The death jab does not stop you from getting it. Does not stop you from spreading it. And has more detrimental side affects than actually getting it. And kids are not even likely to get it. Note that now a days the china flu includes regular flu and colds.

    The kick in the ass is that every criminal coming across the border doe not get the vaccine. This is the epitomy of this administration determination to wreck this country.

    1. They were counting regular flu and colds at the beginning and then had the chutzpah to gaslight people that the flu did not occur those years.

  6. A question - would it be possible to sue Pfizer directly since they knowingly lied when they stated that the jab was 'safe and effective'? Pfizer made $22B in profit in 3 months in 2021 from the mRNA injection. If you don't punish bad behaviour (which is immensely profitable) they will keep doing it.


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