Friday, September 22, 2023

There’s a Shift Afoot

I should have presented this a week ago, but now it seems more important.

Joe Biden will almost certainly not be the DNC nominee in ’24 coming out of the convention.  Most likely, in the next 90 days, something is going to surface that will indicate exactly why and how this move is going to take place.

Biden was installed by the Obama network for a single four-year term with multiple intentions – the rapid escalation of far-left progressive objectives and policies, in combination with a need to control the outcomes of DC systems to protect the Obama network from scrutiny.  This is the reason why the Lightbringer maintained an operational residence in DC that was more akin to a policy and control command center.


  1. Many "The grass is always greener" folks think Ray Ban Joe's exit will be a good thing. Remember when you think it can't get any worse, it will.

    1. Things are never so bad that they can’t get worse.

  2. The bribeum administration has said that if the government is shut down , Ukraine will still receive money and weapons. No shut down of the border either. Who does the government work for?

  3. No doubt fall off a stage somewhere. . .

  4. That idiot is not our president now

  5. If Biden steps down today he might live long enough to see a president who makes him look good.

  6. I am not all that sure we going to have a "election" in 2024. granted 2020 was rigged so bad you could see it from the moon. but 2022 was also rigged. at least here in pa it was.
    granted OZ was a joke. Trump should have never backed that clown. but you saw about 20 signs for his ass compared to every one you saw for uncle fester.
    another thing, we had to wait in line to vote. that never happen up here before. even the old folks with walkers where out to vote. one guy kept saying "we are wasting our time here, it already fixed who is going to win, and we didn't vote for him" he said that like 4-5 times before he got inside to vote. I don't trust these assholes to just leave after they got power.
    no, I kind of sure they going to pull something to stay there. dave in pa.

  7. Maybe he's the nominee and maybe he isn't. Wouldn't count him out. In addition to money laundering and other crimes I have no doubt the Biden Family Crime Syndicate has a ton of blackmail material on other members of the Demonrat party they could release if things don't go their way. It's entirely possible that the DNC is blackmailed into keeping him as the Incumbent. He shouldn't have been the nominee last time....perhaps he was the candidate then for the same keep mouths shut.

  8. The next figurehead has already been chosen. It's not anyone currently running.

  9. Who is the person most likely to be a worse prez than Joe?
    Gruesome Newsome comes immediately to mind.
    I predict that's their nominee.


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