Monday, October 02, 2023

"Honey, go mow the bedroom"

YUKON, Okla. (KFOR) – A metro woman said she and her husband thought they found the home of their dreams, but when they toured it, they found grass growing in the master bedroom that immediately made them look elsewhere.


  1. Hell when my younger sister and her husband were newly married they bought a house with a tree growing in the living room.... Denise had to have that house for some reason that I don't remember now 45 years later but they turned it into a beautiful home..
    Ricky died from cancer 8 years ago, Rest in Peace bro, I miss you

  2. Five years after I built my house I had to replace some siding due to a wild fire. I've got Bermuda grass and it sends runners. One of them went under the siding and through a crease in the OSB. When I pulled it out that runner was over five feet long. I imagine that had there been a gap in the drywall, it would have appeared in the living room.
    I've also had ivy enter around the seals of windows.

  3. Mom told the story after they were married and dad got home from Europe after WW2 and started attending U of Michigan, WW2 surplus trailers were brought in and set on the playing field to house all of the returning vets and spouses and families. She used to have fun cutting the grass that grew through the floor into the trailer between the floor boards. Winters there were a little cool...


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