Tuesday, October 03, 2023

Societal Looters

Truth? What is truth? I believe a number of things that I think are true, but that’s all from my limited perspective, what I can see from my small area of existence. I can reach out into other spectrums through blogs and newspapers, television shows, podcasts and even the local diner, but that’s all secondhand and usually comes with agendas.

Evidence is something else; it is not the truth. Evidence is a fact, but how that fact is presented can lead to a faulty conclusion.


  1. That dude thinks too much.

  2. Truth?????????
    What is it everyone may think different

    1. There *is* at least one objective measure of truth. Truth is *not* subjective. By definition, there can be only one truth. Truth, does *not* contradict itself, and *that* is an objective measure.

      The problem is that it's a negative test. This means that it's far easier to prove lies.
      As Holmes would have said, truth is what's left after you have removed the lies. That's major work, for minor success, but it's all we get, and *everything* stands upon it. Keep your skepticism, do your homework, double check your math. Everything depends upon this.

  3. so true, my brother from another mother. everyone else can stay on the train to ruin and the camps. and good riddance.

  4. The failure of his argument (all stop working to stop tax collection) is people have to eat, buy tp & pay rent/car/doctor/liq store etc (see "essential employees ala wuflu designation lol)

    It's simply not realistic. How I'd love it to happen, sadly that won't.

    It's putting THEM (CONgress) out of a job that is needed, by any means necessary - until they do RIGHT, follow the law & balance the budget

    Fire them, from a cannon if need be.



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