Thursday, November 30, 2023

The Devastating Legacy of Obama's Presidency - A Point of No Return

 VIDEO HERE  (28:45 minutes)


  1. I hope that shit skin faggot gets pancreatic and brain cancer and suffers oike no other.
    That worthless shit skin and his boy bitch

    1. That pretty much sums it up in one concise comment.

    2. Sheeeesh.......Tell us how you really feel........

      Read ya loud and clear.

  2. He truly was the start of this countries downfall. Bragged he was going to do it, too.
    Hope I live long enough to watch his feet twitch while the rope tightens around his neck.

  3. Now, mustn't be too hard on brown boy....he was just doing what Soros told him to do....I, on the other hand, would love to see him dragged through the cactus on his belly and then covered in salt....ok, only half covered in salt....

  4. We might have survived him, but all the good that DJT did was quickly erased. And we won't be coming back from the Biden cartel's damage.
    And since not enough has been done to fix the corrupt election system, the next President will be worse. Probably Newsom.


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