Thursday, November 30, 2023

Winner winner chicken dinner!



  1. we feed the outside cats around here. started with 4 about 7-8 years ago. they went up to 14 of them. we managed to catch and get fixed them all at a clinic for about 25 bucks each and gas ( don't ask) anyway, we down to about 10-11 now. so it cost about 3 bags of dry cat food per month. (75-100 bucks) BUT, we do not have any problems with mice or critters
    Lisa will drive me crazy if she see a damn mouse (??) but the cats have kept their part up.
    I find dead mice outside (she still freaks out ) and I toss them in the woods or trash can whichever is closer. and we do not have problems with squirrels like some of my neighbors do. also they managed to kill off any birds that come by.
    we did have a small war going on with the local coons as they thought the food was for them. we still catch one now and then eating at the bowels and have to run them off.
    all in all, after hearing my neighbors bitch about mice problems I think I doing good.
    although the vet thinks I should trap them again to get their shots updated.
    trapping cats is not that easy to do. well, some of them are stupid and you catch them a few times (??) but overall, they have been fun to watch over the years. dave in pa.

  2. Some years back, one of our hens escaped the backyard city lot chicken tractor but spent a lot of time hanging around the house, feeding itself and roosting in the mesquite tree in front yard. I called it a 'feral chicken', my wife liked that description.

    Its demise was when it paniced and flew over the high fence into neighbors yard, where the occupant pit bull took it out in a burst of feathers. Can't blame the dog - hunting is its natural state and the bird clearly was trespassing.

  3. In the early seventies I think everyone and everything was stoned on the farm. Everybody lived in harmony man. I had chickens that would come up on the porch, stand on my dogs head while she was laying there and eat outta the dogs bowl. I had pictures but they were lost along the way.


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