Friday, December 01, 2023

"Hey mister, got any spare change?"

SPRING HILL, Tenn. (WKRN) – Thieves targeted a Spring Hill laundromat early on a Sunday morning and stole close to $1,000 in change. 

The bandits reportedly pulled up to the side of the Hill Town Laundry on Main Street Sunday, Nov. 12, at approximately 2:40 a.m. One man got out of a Nissan SUV while the getaway driver stayed in the car.


  1. I was washing my duds in a laundromat in Norfolk in the mid '70s once and some big black dude calmly walks in with a sledge and a crowbar and ripped the entire change machine out of the wall and went out the door with it. It was the middle of the day and there was an attendant there at the time. She called the cops and they showed up about 15 minutes later with the machine and the thief in the back of their car! After I finished my clothes, I ended up taking the hammer and the crowbar with me.

  2. I wonder if the thieves saw Brandon laundering kick-back money from Zelenskyy?

  3. A long time ago I worked collecting the quarters from newspaper boxes. $1000 in quarters weights about 100lbs and fills up a 5 gallon bucket. Are the thieves going to roll all those quarters and deposit them in a bank? Or do they plan to jam up all the change machines in their area? Not sure this was thought through all the way.

  4. Sounds like a plan from the ¨Trail Park Boys¨ doing the big dirty.

    After the big dirty did they stash the change in the trunk of the shit mobile?

    Hiker MIke

    1. Oh man I guess I should proof read my inane comments before I post them.

      It´s Trailer Park Boys not Trail Park Boys.

      Hiker Mike

  5. Back in the 60's the parents of a friend of mine owned 2 laundromats. The change machines at the time had two duehickies that would popup when the bill got further into the machine to keep it from being pulled back out. Someone came up with the idea of taping a piece of plastic onto the bill. The plastic was enough to keep the duehickies from popping up, but that didn't keep the machine from giving change. Once the change came out, they would pull the bill out and then re-insert. They cleaned out every laundromat in town.

    On the other end of the spectrum, my friend told me that one time they emptied the machine and find a piece of binder paper torn into a piece roughly the size of a dollar with 1 written in each corner.

  6. Heh. We, er, someone I used to to know, found that the dollar change-o machine at work would accept crossword puzzles, of appropriate dimension, as legal tender. Thought it was funny, but ,er, he must have told someone.

    Came in the next day and the machine had been removed.

    I asked WTF, and was told that someone has drained the machine, using said locally printed legal tender.


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