Friday, December 01, 2023

‘Stop the price gouging’: Biden hits corporations over high consumer costs

President Joe Biden took aim at corporations Monday for charging prices he said were artificially high even though the rate of inflation has slowed and some shipping costs have fallen. 

"Any corporation that has not brought their prices back down, even as inflation has come down, even as the supply chains have been rebuilt, it’s time to stop the price gouging,” Biden said at the launch of a new White House supply chain initiative. “Give the American consumer a break.”


Did that stupid fucker actually believe prices would go back down to pre-Biden levels? Is he that out of touch with reality?


  1. It’s worse than that! He delusionally does not acknowledge that his administration's actions and policies are the direct cause of the high prices and inflation.
    Classic blame-shifting and projection by his handlers.

    1. Reminds me of Gavin Newsom tasking the California Energy Commission with investigating price gouging by Big Oil, when in reality it's his state's taxes and regulations that account for the fact that CA gasoline is two dollars more expensive than it is in most sane states.

      Guess what conclusion a commission consisting of Newsom appointees will come to and who will never be mentioned as being responsible for five dollar gasoline?

      This is what one party rule looks like. It looks like Venezuela.

  2. It's pretty obvious Brandon is completely out of touch. First, prices have not come down. Rather, the rate of inflation has reduced. That is, it used to be 8% but now it's (a reported) 3%.
    That doesn't justify a reduction in prices, idiot.
    Second, the reported rate of inflation is the result of prices charged, not the reverse. Brandon apparently thinks the .gov can publish a rate of inflation and then companies have to live with it when setting prices. Very Soviet style thinking on his part.

  3. To answer your two questions - no and yes

  4. I know right? During times of sever economic distress only the politicians can make money. Those terrible too big to fail commodity markets must do without until they say so... Their democratic democracy must be protected until the idea the US is a republic is dead.

  5. Remember that this is the same party who have many members who fully believe corporations should just let shoplifters take whatever they want and that closing stores in high-crime areas where they're operating at a loss is just being greedy.

  6. He hasn't personally seen a price or a credit card bill in DECADES. He only knows how to read the teleprompter the way he was trained/rehearsed..

  7. yup. he is that fucking stupid. we have seen that over the years. what they fail to understand is that everything in this country moves by diesel. if the price of that goes up. so will everything else. EV might work in a city, but to move goods. you going to want diesel powered trucks. but the assholes behind him are not stupid, no. they doing this because they want the country to fail. besides, when was the last time he bought anything himself ? dave in pa.

  8. "Did that stupid fucker actually believe prices would go back down to pre-Biden levels? Is he that out of touch with reality?"

    Nope. He knows that his VOTERS are that stupid.

  9. This is intended as a continuance of class warfare. Targeting of the evil corporations is appealing to the socialists.

    Anyway, the poopy pedo doesn't know shit from shinola. His handlers write the script.

  10. It helps make sense of it all by looking at Biden like a passive component in a system. For example, a stereo speaker - he just repeats what is sent to him through his earpiece. Like a stereo speaker, the sounds coming out of his mouth don't register with him/it. It's worse than 'stupid'.

  11. No matter how ba the commie left fu*ks things up it's always someone else's fault. And there's always massive numbers of morons who will buy their bullshit.

  12. Life's straight out of Atlas Shrugged these days. He's just pandering to his economically illiterate voters to keep them riled up and blaming the rich. Next maybe he'll propose another tax on their profits.

    Here's the month by month inflation over the past several years.

  13. Biden has no clue what he's saying. He has no idea who put the turd in his underwear. It's just the words he's told to use. And yes, his controllers are that stupid.

  14. Whatever the .gov tells you the inflation rate is, I guarantee that you can almost double it to get the real inflation rate. And in an industrial/technological society, prices should gradually decrease as methods become more economical to produce goods. The major driver of inflation is .gov printing money. The faster they print, the faster inflation goes up.

  15. He wants business ess to cover his inept ass. That’s not how this works. It’s not how anything works.

  16. Biden's comments sound like an echo of the last two Venezuelans presidents....'cause his inflation comes for the same reason.

    Socialism is always the wrong answer. It fails 100% of the time. Biden's policies are just Socialism Lite

  17. Proof that Biden is a moron who doesn't understand economics. Inflation rate dropping just means prices won't rise as fast. If he wants prices to actually drop, he needs to cause deflation.

    We're doomed.


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