Wednesday, December 06, 2023

NYC congestion pricing: How much will commuters pay, tolls, taxis, discounts

MANHATTAN - The Traffic Mobility Review Board officially released their proposed prices for anyone driving south of 60th Street in Manhattan. 

Congestion pricing is both contentious and costly, but the board believes they found the prices that could discourage drivers from crowding and polluting the streets of the city’s central business district.


  1. Don't care, not my problem, Don't live there and I'm never gonna go so fuck you and the horse you rode in on!

  2. The poor don't have cars so they don't give a shit. The rich will have their accoutants take it as a business tax excemption. The middle/working classes will take it up the ass as usual.

  3. Government taxes and fees will fix everything.
    The fix is in, anyway.

  4. Replies
    1. Already high taxes on hotels, attraction tickets. NYC, death by suicide.

  5. Pollute? I thought the urbane all drive e cars now. Anyway, I once heard it was fashionable to not own a car if you live/work in Manhattan.

  6. Same as my answer to the idiots' "Ultra Low Emission Zones" on this side of the lake: Don't go there, don't buy there, don't deliver there. When businesses move out the idiots' tax take will fade away. Mind you, none of those responsible will ever be called to answer for their stupidity . . .

  7. The Memorial Bridge of Parkersburg, Wv. has been revamp and now charge.a hefty fee. I refuse to use it as the govt wants a transponder in you car. It used to employ workers in toll booths

    1. In Boston if you don't have a transponder then the state uses license plate readers and bills you by mail. They add a hefty fee "for processing". I go miles out of my way now to avoid driving through Boston.


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