Tuesday, December 05, 2023

People Who Followed COVID Recommendations More Likely To Have Mental Health Issues Now

The mental health struggles stemming from the lockdowns of 2020 have been well documented in the years since the onset of COVID. While, for the most part, the world has gotten back to business as usual, a new analysis suggests that some people have not yet completely recovered their mental well-being.

According to new research, which has not been peer reviewed, the more compliant people were with COVID lockdown restrictions in early 2020 the more likely it is that they continue to suffer from anxiety and depression today, more than three years after the initial lockdowns. 


They're having mental issues now? Hell, I thought they had mental issues then.


  1. People who allowed themselves to be controlled by fear have more fear now too? Yeah, I think they're looking at that the wrong way around. It shouldn't come as any surprise that people who already had fear and anxiety are ALSO the same people who are willing to buy more of it, in the form of COVID hysteria. And it shouldn't come as any surprise that people who bought fear and anxiety then still have it now.

    "Anxious people are anxious" is what it boils down to, I think. Nothing to see here, move along!

    John G

  2. Better refer the assholes to veterinarian psychologists who specialize in sheep

  3. Thank the Lord that we here in California have Cal Hope, a state agency created to help folks deal with the stress and anxiety of the Covid pandemic.
    Sarc off.

    When the ad campaign started with the 800 number to call for help, I told my bride "Oh, great. Another state agency that will never go away". And sure enough, Covid is a thing of the past but Cal Hope isn't. It's still finding crises that they can help you deal with.

    "The closest thing to eternal life on earth is a Government Program."
    Ronaldus Magnus

  4. Hell, the COVID lockdown restrictions were the nicest part of my life. I could stay indoors and no one would think I had toys in the attic for not wanting to associate with people, and when I did go out people stayed away from me, which was nice. About six months in, the psycho chicks couldn't hold it together and so were a lot easier to spot.

  5. I was on Maui at the peak of the covid shit and I sold every thing and got to hell out. I arrived at Tampa airport and nobody or few were wearing masks. I would soon learn kids were still in school. I felt like I was back in America. Then unfortunatly I found many States were doing the same shit as Hawaii. So pleased I picked Fl. I'm sure there are better States but I am content with where I am. That last sentence was for the attention seeking idiot that has to comment on everything everyone says.

  6. Most of the issues now are guilt about how fucking stupid they were.
    The embarrassment of admitting they fell for it hook, line and sinker.
    Poor bastards.

  7. Good. I hope their mental health continues to deteriorate. These sheeple cheered on the vax mandates and the ostracizing of those who didn't want to participate in the medical theater.

    1. I could not agree with you more. All of them can kiss my ass.

  8. The only ones who don't have issues now are the ones that died from the clot shot.

  9. I linked a ZeroHedge report on some new Frankenstein concoction likely to be in the next non-vaccine to a forum i use regularly, and have received nothing but abuse in return.
    My sympathy for people stupid enough to have ill tested experimental drugs put into them when they have nothing wrong with them has now finally disappeared round the U bend.
    You can't help these people.
    My idiots dogs have more sense.


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