Thursday, December 07, 2023

The Soros Empire Is Quietly Targeting a Key Voting Bloc

The Soros philanthropic network dumped massive sums of cash into left-of-center Latino advocacy and political mobilization efforts in 2022, according to recently released disclosures.

The Open Society Policy Center, the Foundation to Promote Open Society, and the Open Society Institute, all arms of the Soros philanthropic network, poured tens of millions of dollars into left-of-center Latino voter mobilization groups and left-wing Latino advocacy organizations in 2022, an election year while buying up Latino media and plotting with Democratic strategists. The multi-million dollar grant deluge came as Democratic support has been declining among Hispanic voters in recent years, suggesting the Soros empire is targeting a key voting block.


  1. Cause & effect. Legal Beaners are turning to Trump like wild fire so Soros is bringing out the cash filled fire extinguisher.

  2. How come nobody is sending the invaders to his compound?

    Chutes Magoo

  3. what I don't understand is why in hell that asshole is still breathing ? or even why he is still here? or yeah, right. he paid off the right people to stay. I do know there are a few countries that would just love to have him in one of THEIR prisons. I think he lives in NY state, so that means he had to pay off our old friend Chuckie and a few others.
    you know it is a bit odd the people that happen to live in NY state. Bill and the bitch for one, and this asshole and his kid- and they say he is even worse than his dad is.
    just once, I would love to see some real justice done in this country. dave in pa.

    1. Kissinger and "Norman Lear" are down in just this one week so far. Have faith, Soros is nothing to Christ.


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