Friday, December 08, 2023

Who's a good boy? Huh? Is Casper a good boy?

WASHINGTON (TND) — A Great Pyrenees who almost lost his life one year ago while protecting sheep from 11 coyotes has been nominated for the People's Choice Pup in the Farm Dog of the Year competition.

Casper, named for the friendly ghost, made headlines in November 2022 when he killed eight coyotes that were threatening his pregnant partner and the sheep on his Georgia farm, his owner, John Wierwille, told the Georgia Farm Bureau (GFB).


  1. I have one of these breeds, she is by far the best guard dog for my family that we have ever had. She was a pup at my brother's north Tx Ranch, that we got the pick of the litter from. Not your typical cuddly snuggly dog, that's for sure, though she is awesome with my girls and cats. Listens to me only when she wants to, so a little challenging sometimes. NOTHING moves around our house that she isn't aware of and willing to confront.
    Totally a loyal dog.

    - Hosedragger

  2. "Partner" - it's "mate", you scurrilous cretins.

  3. That is awesome! I hope Casper wins. He indeed is a good boi.

  4. I have a goat farm, and we have several livestock guardian dogs. We have Maremma's, Kangal's, and Karakachan's, ranging in size from 120 to 185 lbs. LGD's aren't like other dogs. Fiercely independent, loving towards their livestock and owners, and deadly to anything they see as a threat. They fight to kill, with no quit in them. They also bark all day and all night, which usually keeps the predators away. Their barking, independence, and fighting makes them terrible suburban pets, leading to incidents with neighborhood people and pets that land their owners in legal trouble and financial ruin.

  5. when I was in se asia, 69-70, I ate some unusual meats, India not so much.
    in korea folks should eat what is cultural, I wld not want a hindu coming here and have cow eating made illegal.
    ps beef IS widely eaten in india, it is water buffalo which is not considered a cow there

  6. I have had two great pyrenees as a pet. My first one was a stereotype herd pyrenees from rescue. He did what was best for the family. We did not have input. He would bark once as a warning and then check it out. We called him the stealth dog because he could walk among people and not be noticed. Very graceful for his size. The second dog would just bark and that got old. He was released because the owner was too old to care for him. But he did a great job of playing with the retriever. If I got the second dog first, I never would have got another pyrenees.

  7. yeah, I went and voted for Casper too. he is a very good boy. now that pittie that bit some perverts dick off while protecting the kids? that dog should get steak at least 2-3 times a week after that. hell, I buy him a couple myself ! and I don't care what any asshole says, dogs are great if they trained right. dave in pa.


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