Wednesday, December 06, 2023

You can run but you can't hide

I love stories like this. With report after report of businesses being abused by thieves just walking in and helping themselves, it’s great to hear about someone doing something about it.

Michael Sullivan, is the operations manager at Roger’s Garden Nursery, located in Newport Beach, California. Over a series of weeks, the nursery was burglarized several times. Included in the thief’s haul were plants, trees, a decorative fountain, pots, and even some pumpkins, including expensive items and, in some cases, heavy items. Some of the pots are valued at $300 and the fountain weighed in excess of 150 lbs. 


  1. I love '"happy endings" to stories such as this. It could have been an "absolutely awesome" ending where the culprits get the "CA convenience store " ass whipping we saw a few months back. Those endings are the best!

  2. Putting trackers on stolen items? That violates the democrat thug's constitutional rights. Time to start filling up the January 7 prisons.

  3. Yeah, you notice the story doesn't say how much (if any) prison time the perp got. A happy ending would involve justice being done. So to me this isn't really a happy ending, because I'm assuming that they didn't get any jail time or meaningful consequences, because it's California.

    John G.

  4. The owner sleeping in his business with a 12 ga. would’ve been a happy ending. Crime will stop (or at least be severely curtailed) when it no longer pays.

  5. Newport Beach is Rich People territory so he was stealing from a store that has a very select and rich client base. Orange County escaped the Soros DA plague so the thief is pretty well screwed.

  6. Grumpy - Remember, if you catch them in the middle of the night, no one knows where they are. And likely won't be missed for months. Greenhouses do sell bonemeal for fertilizer - just saying.

  7. Do “Air Tags” continuously broadcast….
    or only when turned on by the owner….????

  8. A LOT of stuff from the railroad goes walking off. The railroad policeman I was talking to related about a home visit in which he was involved.

    "Good Morning, Sir. I'm Agent Bob from CSX Railroad along with deputies Frank and Steve from your local county with the big hats. We are here about reports of stolen railroad property."

    "Go sup with Old Scratch! (paraphrased) I don't know what you're talking about!"

    "Gonna be like that, huh? The "reports" are from GPS tags, and the warrant is for your barn, with emphasis on the North-East corner. So would you like to come along and unlock it or shall I just tell them to have fun?"

    "Ahhhh, I'll just go get my keys. Be right back."

    "How about you stay right here, and your wife brings them out to the barn."

    Industrial equipment and generators add up real quick. The still was just the cherry on top.


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